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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I ended up watching The Amusement Park last night and found it powerful and utterly nightmarish.

    Until today when I got stuck behind some dawdling old couple and then I had second thoughts.
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  2. Guess who re-watched Candyman tonight, Helen?

  3. I watched a few days ago and I still keep thinking of it. I don't think it's meant to be a pleasant experience and that's the point.

  4. I love how two of the best horror movies of all time have the best Helen's of all time. I demand a team up movie!


  5. Well, the best thing about The Conjuring 3 were the two old ladies who stood up after the exorcism opener and announced they'd come into the wrong screen.

    One or two almost-scares aside, what a chaotic mess of a film. Hugely disappointed.
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  6. I rewatched The Shining. It’s horrible what she had to go through, but Shelley Duvall is absolutely incredible in it.
    Everyone always raves about Jack Nicholson, but I really think she steals the film.
  7. Not happy to read that you didn’t enjoy the movie but I am happy to read this review today as I nearly turned it on last night but decided not to after remembering how shit I found the 2nd. The spin off movies (which I’ve only seen a handful of) seem to be providing diminishing results also. I feel as if the whole franchise has been reduced down to boring jump scares & CGI ghosts, I’m just not up for it anymore.
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  8. Hmm this one doesn’t really have much of that - very little CGI ghostery and fewer jump scares so maybe you’ll prefer it? There’s loads of body contortions.

    I really liked the second one despite it being overlong. But the story it’s based on is fairly well known here so it carries some appeal.
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  9. And some license, they weren't really that heavily involved. I remember the story in the papers vividly even though I was very young.
  10. I remember the Strange But True episode on it in the 90's... it troubled my sleep for weeks
  11. It was the basis for Ghostwatch as well I think?
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  12. I just finished up with The Conjuring 3 and I much preferred it to the last one, nothing will compare to the first one cause It is one of the best modern horror films so I don't even try comparing the follow ups to it.
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  13. This is what I am hoping. I love the first, the second was a half & half for me, I disliked about as much as I did like. The Crooked Man ruined it slightly. I was also very familiar with the source material so it irked me that the Warrens were placed front and centre, when they weren't (I know it's for the purposes of the film).

    I am not that fussed by jump scares but I do like a brooding atmosphere. Possession films have always interested me too. I will wait and see when it arrives online in the UK.
  14. The Conjuring 2 is the best of the entire franchise, what?
  15. I actually liked The Conjuring 3. An absolute mess, but highly entertaining.

    All of it is so familiar. It’s like a compilation of scary scenes from every haunted house/possession movie. And the occultist doing an Olga at the end was... lame?
  16. No plans yet.They raised about 60,000 Canadian dollars through Indigogo so if they can manage to raise that same amount of money again a sequel could possibly happen.

    I'm very glad they at least showed a picture of Olivia Hussey.

    The acting was also impeccable for a fan film. The actresses had great chemistry, good line reading and overall excellent quality.
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  17. That title still belongs to the first, I’m afraid.
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  18. Annabelle Creation might actually be the best?
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  19. The first Conjuring film is the best of the franchise, but I did really like two despite the Crooked Man being unnecessary and it breaking my number one rule of any film - focusing too much on children (though the lead actress was great).
  20. A close second for me actually. I love it but I think Conjuring 2 edges because it has Patrick and Vera dddd.

    Don't get me wrong y'all I love the first one. It helped get me into horror. But I feel like it's outshined by a couple entries since then.
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