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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Yes! 1984 THE Initiation is camp perfection.
  2. Just watched Train to Busan and I LOVED that shit. Less “scary” and more tense and emotional as hell. Sure, the “rules” changed here and there to fit the dramatic narrative, but the whole thing worked so well. And that ending? Whew the emotions. So so good. And that sexy Korean dad? I’ll take two.
  3. Re-watched The Skeleton Key. One of Ehren Kruger's better scripts but thats not saying much. Talk about exposition dump city. Kate Hudson goes to get information from a voodoo priestess, then to a nurse, then to another voodoo priestess....the laziness. Still its looks good and the ending is surprising grim. Watchable for sure.
  4. Kate Hudson’s best work… by far. I love this stupid movie! That and Red Eye coming out in Summer 2005 - what a time for horror!
  5. I love The Skeleton Key. Very atmospheric. And Queen Gena Rowlands giving another Oscar-worthy performance.
  6. Who doesn't love a good horror showdown with torrential rain.

  7. Finally 'The Thing' is coming to 4K in September.

    Waiting for 'An American Werewolf In London' 4K English release. There is a German release already.
  8. Started watching Final Exam. The opening scene was unintentionally hilarious. Not sure if that makes me want to watch this less or more to be honest.
  9. Final Exam is just cuteness on film. Likeable characters, terrible hair, unconvincing heterosexuality, and next to no blood.
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  10. Me as a teenager.
  11. I love every damn minute of it.

    I'm finally in a cinema for the first time since March, 20.
    A Quiet Place 2 time
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  12. Enjoy! I effing loved it.
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  13. I can watch Final Exam every single night I love it that much. It's slow paced but the atmosphere is on point.
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  14. Finished Initiation earlier - it was decent. I like that it was 'realistic' insofar as the killer not being superhuman or able to appear wherever he needed to be to kill someone - I guessed the identity towards the end though. The topical plotline was also interesting, and it was awesome to see Debra DeLiso from The Slumber Party Massacre and Iced in there as the receptionist.

    Only flaws were that the lead girl was clearly waaaaay older than all the other students.
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  15. AQP2 is a very strong continuation, a double bill of it and the first one would not feel disjointed at all. It flew by, and didn't overdo the monsters, which is what I expected it to do.
    Millicent Simmonds is amazing throughout, ans Cillian Murphy has aged like fine wine.
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  16. Lake Placid has such an exceptional cast
  17. Tried watching the first Friday The 13th again today, but it’s even more boring than I remember. Thankfully the second is the best slasher of the 80’s!
  18. [​IMG]

  19. I get the first Friday being boring comments (do we need to see Alice make coffee for 20 minutes?) yet I find something so comforting, quaint and cozy about that one. It makes me feel like I'm at camp but without dealing with bugs and whatnot. Plus Kevin's boner! Iconic!
  20. The first Friday has three murders in it's first 20 minutes, and has such a sense of dread, I do not know how anyone can find it boring..
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