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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. The original Halloween along with 2 and 5 are coming to Netflix on 1st October. Not sure if the others are also being added but those three are showing on my "New and Popular" page.
  2. Justice for the barn scenes
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  3. I’m watching Karen.
  4. It was terrible. But I laughed a lot.
  5. A Quiet Place Part II was excellent. Probably slightly better than the first one for me. Great tension throughout and very simple but effective.
  6. I just finished Don't Breathe 2. I can barely remember what happened in Don't Breathe but it didn't seem to matter much, except for when I saw the blind man, I felt nothing. I just thought he was an 'innocent' old blind man with a kid. ASJSKDFFF

    Did I enjoy it? 50/50. Was the first one better? Yes. Did we need this sequel? No.
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  7. What did 3 and 4 do to piss Netflix off?
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  8. Replace 5 with H20 to acknowledge the definitive trilogy @Netflix.
  9. BTG


    The definitive trilogy is 4-6. Don’t @ me.

    Speaking of, I’ve been telling @silkandskin about this recently but I’m finally making my way through Taking Shape 2, and we really missed out on these post Resurrection sequel ideas before the reboot happened.
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  10. Wasn't expecting Chris from Friday 13th part 3 to be such a good final girl. She certainly put up a good fight. She was also able to act which was a change!
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  11. I actually love Halloween 2. I think the setting is great. Michael is great. The kills are great. Laurie's wig aside, it's a solid sequel.
  12. It's definitely one of the better sequels, if not the best one, but there are moments such as
    Laurie's wig, Annie clearly being alive on that stretcher, Laurie being drugged and then fine when it's time to run, managing to shoot Michael directly in both eyeballs
    where I just have to say it's camp to try and ignore it ddd.
  13. I'm hoping the other Halloween films are being added too but you never know with Netflix.

    I'm a bit pissed off because "Us" was added a month or so ago and I'd been planning to watch it but it's been removed already!
  14. Watched Jakob’s Wife last night. Decent, though a little overhyped. Something about the master vampire came off as goofy more than menacing.
  15. Yes, it was quite fun. 'Superhost' was fun too, if a bit dumb.

    Is Barbara Crampton in every new horror movie now?
  16. I see no issue with this.
  17. BTG


    I rewatched the new Wrong Turn for the first time since it was released and enjoyed it much, much less.
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  18. Just watched Malignant… mama, this was camp.

    Once you get over the atrocious dialogue and terrible acting and you embrace how intentionally campy (and hilarious) this is, it’s a ride.

    I mean, there’s a scene in which a cop tries to call 911 and literally says “Why am I calling the police” or another one in which the killer essentially fights the whole cast of the Telephone music video.

    I must say I caught the twist early on, once I saw how Gabriel’s body was backwards and after a scene in which Maddison is talking to him on the phone with her back shown in a mirror behind her.

    The use of Where Is My Mind? was a funny nod to the twist, I found.
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