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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I'm watching The Boy
  2. It kinda is. The more you appreciate how absurd it is, the more fun you'll have!
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  3. Edu


    So the version of Escape Room - Tournament Of Champions that was released digitally is not exactly an extended cut like it says, but a different movie with a new subplot (with James Frain and Isabelle Fuhrman from Orphan), a different third act and different ending?

    I read the theatrical cut's plot on Wikipedia and that's absolutely not the movie I just watched.
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  4. I had no idea that there even was another cut but it would appear so!


    Queen Indya looking correct, too.
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  5. Uno


    Hopefully it improves on how absolutely dirty they did Indya in the theatrical version. I was legitimately annoyed while watching it.
  6. Yeah I don't remember seeing Isabelle in any promo material I just assumed they were keeping her part secret for some reason. Very interesting.
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  7. Campy and similar to Baby Jane and What's The Matter With Helen.......but with more violence and a bit pervy. From 1973, I think Ann Southern's only horror role....I'm used to seeing her on The Lucy Show (they were best friends.) I wish Lucille Ball did her own Baby Jane type movie but she was quite conservative in her later years (though always very supportive of the gays!)

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  8. I just watched it and I don’t know how it went in the theatrical but she…doesn’t get a lot to do.

    Really strange situation though, there doesn’t appear to be much online about the extended cut but apparently Robitel’s original cut was 45 minutes longer than what was released. It seems like as well as the changed opening and ending, there’s been a lot of alternate stuff added to make the story work.

    It’s also largely successful too, both expanding the scope but keeping the mystery. They have however used the theatrical release end credits,
    giving Deborah Ann Woll her own card despite her not actually appearing in this cut.

    It’ll be intersting to see which version the sequel follows.
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  9. Just watched Malevolent and Queen Florence Pugh remains iconic and the last act as properly stressful but the rest was really boring huh?
  10. There's the doll.
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  11. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. That twist is wonderful, and really adds a lot to the last half hour. I have read to stay away from the standalone sequel.
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  12. It's OK but completely changes the narrative.
  13. The Halloween Kill reviews are coming out and…

    it’s sitting at 46% on rotten tomatoes
  14. I blame Kyöle
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  15. I'm not taking much stock in the reviews for Kills. The kind of movie this is (I mean the title says it all) was never going to get the reception from the critics as that one did. This one is for the hardcore little Strodesters and the general public.
  16. I mean, some of the horrors and slashers I love rarely get critical acclaim. But I'm just after good kills, blood and guts and a fun ride. I don't need anything Oscar-worthy.
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  17. A major film festival like this was such an odd venue for the premiere. These critics are not exactly the usual horror types who I would actually trust for feedback about a slasher.
  18. I’m not too worried about the reviews. The positive reviews are really positive and the negative reviews read like they’re coming from someone who was never going to get it in the first place. I saw someone describing it as “if the last one was Laurie’s film, this one is Michael’s film”, so I’m taking that as more focus on carnage over character…. Which I’m not mad about.
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  19. I’m watching Jason Takes Manhattan. Jesus. Can I get a refund. Surely this should have been called Jason on a Boat.
  20. The Conjuring 3 was fairly decent. More is expected with it being a Conjuring film but for it was, it was very entertaining. Vera & Patrick's chemistry always make it that much better, making The Warrens likeable. I do tend to zone out when too much religious crap is being spouted but thankfully it wasn't too dominating, despite the subject matter.
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