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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Not really? The set has been discussed at length in this very thread, as have the films themselves ad nauseam. Probably the set you bought too if you search back far enough.
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  2. I loved Malignant so much, my heart rate rose to 120bpm on my Apple Watch, which gave me a High Heart Rate warning in the start of the last 30 minutes (never happened me before, this is the first time it's ever happened during this movie), one fucking hell of a ride and it's so good.
  3. Even though I'm not the biggest James Wan fan some of the things I've heard about Malignant are making me very excited. I keep hearing it's CAMP to the highest degree.

  4. The third act is one of the most bonkers things I’ve ever seen committed to film. I’m watching the film again now.

  5. I'm a half hour in and already


    This may end up my favorite Wan film. Saw? Cancelled! Insidious? I don't know her. The Conjuring? I still don't know her.



  6. Uno


    I’m half way through Malignant and oh my God what am I watching? I can’t decide if I hate it or am obsessed with it.
  7. The last 30 minutes is absolutely fucked (in the best way).
  8. Just finished Malignant and I am gagged gooped and guffawed. Maybe I’m just a wimp because a lot of reviews said it wasn’t scary but my gay ass was stressed the whole time. The last act was truly a sight to behold, and I’m so glad I wasn’t spoiled about really anything.

    I do love that the trailer presented a much different film than what we were given because it made all the twists and turns that much more exciting. When that bitch fell from the attic and it was HER ATTIC my jaw dropped.

    Also, this man is my husband now.

  9. Didn't actually realise George was British, thought he was American tbh, I knew he was Greek-Cypriot and Malaysian Chinese too, he is so fine.

    PS. who is that Korean guy in your avatar, he's cute, could you show me the full picture?
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    Oh my God this movie was so wild. That police station scene was… everything. I was gagged at every corner. Camp is literally the only way I can describe it. I loved this so much. I could absolutely see how people will hate this, and this is definitely not something aimed for the general public to eat up, but I loved it.
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  11. Malignant was genuinely great... I called the twist when it started getting weird, but I was still shocked when it actually happened. It's such a creative and weird little movie.
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  12. Excited to see the positive feedback for Malignant. Don't think I'll get the chance to see it in theaters but the mini teasers before YouTube videos keep making me excited.
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  13. Malignant was an absolute blast and VERY Brian DePalma, in the best way. Even though I figured out the twist, it was still bonkers to see it all unfold. You could tell James Wan had a great time making it.
  14. Malignant truly was a bop, wasn’t it? A blast from start to finish, I absolutely loved it.

    It genuinely felt like a new movie with every new scene, it was bizarre in the best way.
  15. The way it was a stylistic mix of
    From Beyond, Old Boy, Basket Case, Session 9, Sisters, and Kill Bill...I was not ready.
  16. GHERLS, I'm under the covers and watching Malignant tonight. Avoided the trailer and spoilers and you whores' discussion here.

  17. Yeah y’all have me intrigued and so does the twitter word of mouth so I’m gonna put it on hbomax tonight
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    A genuine WTF moment.

    Gabriel’s baby hands had me howling. I kinda wished I saw this in a packed cinema, cause I’m sure the reveal would’ve been accompanied by gasps and laughters! Also, this would’ve been a good reveal for a queen on the runway in Drag Race. Hide a Gabriel in your wig, henny! ddd

    That scene on the bed with the red, James must be watching Dario.

    IT’s TiMe tO cUT OUt ThE CaNCer!
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    GOODBYE, SIS! Had me howling as well. That should’ve been the original ending. I stan Gabriel.
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  20. The It's time to cut out the CANCAH line is so ridiculous and amazing. I stan.
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