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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. there's no stopping kate siegel starring in yet another netflix horror/thriller and i welcome it

  2. Damn those Halloween 4K sets look stunning. Really great packaging.
  3. All mine got dispatched last week, so should be with me soon, along with Elvira.

  4. Will watch for queen Kate but from the directors of The Open House aka the most boring movie ever doesn't inspire confidence.
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  5. I hope you enjoy. I haven't bought these yet because I've purchased Halloween so many times but... I know these will be worth it.
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  6. This was okay - a decent lil mystery slasher but they entirely changed the killer's much more creepy mission (and identity) from the book, made it a bit bleaker, and dropped a few great scenes.

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  7. I was pretty disappointed with this one! It just felt a little half-baked to me and almost entirely devoid of tension. Thought the opening was pretty strong though!
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  8. In the book, virtually all the murder scenes are like the opening, the killer toys with them and makes them paranoid first. They only really did that one time in the adaptation.

    The motive is a lot weirder and creepier too and doesn't necessitate the victims being assholes.
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  9. Uno


    I saw Bingo Hell on Amazon Prime and thought it was going to be a fun, Zombieland-esque horror but with elderly people, but it was truly an awful mess. Very Goosbumps for geriatrics. Skip it.
  10. Yes, this was quite fun. I always have low expectations with horror on Netflix but this was a good watch.
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  11. Yeah this was pretty terrible. When was the last time we had a genuinely good slasher whodunnit film? The acting was terrible, the characters were incredibly unlikeable and, despite the title, not many of the kills involve someone being in the house.
  12. Watched The Night House last night. It felt a little slow here and there but it was pretty good.
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  13. This was…a waste of time.
  14. I told you all it was gonna be shit, because it's Netflix horror.

    Has anyone seen V/H/S '94 yet? It just premiered on Shudder. Planning on giving it a go this weekend.
  15. I was thinking about watching it tonight but not sure.
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  16. In The Earth was not for me, didn’t enjoy it at all.
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  17. I’m watching VHS 1994 and it’s pretty good.
  18. Was actually about to ask if anyone had seen it/what they thought about it. The trailer looked interesting enough. Glad you enjoyed it, for the most part!

    I watched Host yesterday and, while I didn't think it was perfect, I loved the concept and how they executed it. Much better than the similar film, Unfriended, in my opinion.
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  19. Read the book - the book is GOOD!!! Half the characters from the film aren't even in it.
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  20. The Night House is one of my favorites so far this year but not for everyone. Rebecca Hall was incredible and it makes me excited to what David Bruckner will do with the new Hellraiser.
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