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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Plz be saef :/
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  2. I think The Green Inferno was one of the worst movies I watched last year, it was terrible.

    Perhaps not a horror movie exactly but I watched Level 16 and thought it was decent - an interesting story that ultimately didn’t live up to its potential. It was a bit slow at points too.
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  3. My favorite horror movie ever.

    I love b+w films from the early 60's like The Haunting, Black Sunday, Eyes Without A Face, Repulsion, Carnival of Souls, Night Of The Eagle, Witchcraft, Black Sabbath - they have the best atmosphere.
  4. I’ll definitely check it out! Just started Friday the 13th Part Two!
  5. The Night House was excellent. Great recommendation. A lot of it was down to Rebecca Hall who was engaging and totally believable throughout. It was genuinely creepy. Evan Jonigkeit was very hot too, on a more shallow note.
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  6. The scene with Rebecca Hall at school talking to that kid's awful parent....but wow what a moment!
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  7. V/H/S/94 was a total blast. The wrap-around story was poorly-acted shit but I honestly loved every segment. The first was my favorite one but they all delivered. I still feel V/H/S 2 is the strongest entry, but it's certainly better than Viral.
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  8. Inspired by the trailer for Scream I decided that I wanted to watch a glossy slasher film last night and rewatched Sorority Row (2009)… only to find that I’d mixed it up with a different film in my memory and had NEVER seen it before.

    What a ride. The toxic scumbag males. The horrific bottle in the throat murder. The completely unrealistic sorority house parties. The exploitative reliance on bare tits (both female and male). Dame Carrie Fisher with a shotgun. Jamie Chung and Rumer Willis being both simultaneously underused and essential. Megan’s iconic sister. The legendary Jessica almost surviving the movie despite being irredeemably vile.

    I might watch it again tonight…
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  9. Jessica rules that movie

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  10. The omission of "oh my god it's megan/she looks awful" and "oh no Ellie dOn'T gO OuT tHeRE!" .....

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  11. Here's her true Greatest Hits!

    Honestly the precursor to the archetype Emma Roberts has found herself sat in.
  12. This looks good, but I honestly feel I have seen the whole film in that trailer. One of the worst like that, maybe ever.
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  13. Why hasn't she been in more roles like this. Utter perfection.
  14. I watched this last night, not really a horror, more of a slightly twisted film noir with dark psychology. But I'm posting it because Guillermo del Toro has just done a remake coming out in December that looks like he has taken the film into a more horror direction.

    This was an amazing movie, shame it was a flop at the time and the studio found it distasteful and brutal.

    "The rise and fall of Stanton Carlisle, a mentalist whose lies and deceit prove to be his downfall."

    The actress Helen Walker gave an amazing role as the 'femme fatale,' shame she was in a huge car accident and her career was cut short.

    The ending gave me a hint of Freaks (1932)

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  15. Just back from 'Halloween KiIls' and I really liked it. An improvement on Halloween 40. It does get quite chaotic and there are a few too many characters but it grips you all the way through. The flashbacks are great, a lot of nods throughout to the original. It's kind of a mix between Halloween II & Halloween 4 but on steroids.

    I can't wait for Halloween Ends.
  16. Halloween Kills is a mess.

    I can’t stan. How did he get it so right in the first one but this one has so many plots going on and all amounted to nothing?

    I hate to see it!
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  17. Halloween Kills is indeed a mess. Kyle really had the best scene.
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  18. Yes she did. Imagine forty years plus later and being a current housewife and getting a scene better than Jamie Lee Curtis?

    WHOMST would’ve thought?
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