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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I didn't think I were gonna like them but it worked.
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  2. I kinda enjoyed V/H/S 94. The last long section was crap but everything else was tongue-in-cheek and fun.
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  3. Not sure if it was posted already but Netflix have a new series of 'The Movies That Made Us' which features episodes dedicated to Aliens, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Halloween.
  4. I watched those, slightly annoying the way that they are done but interesting.
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  5. I’m watching What Lies Beneath. My life is better with Michelle Pfeiffer in it.
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  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I've gotten some PMs about this thread.

    If a project/film/movie is out in a major market, please post about it in the appropriate thread; this thread has traditionally served as a catch-all/safe space to discuss the film genre without running into anything which might spoil any film experience for somebody else. If you somehow cannot overcome the desire to post here about a film which is new, unreleased, soon-to-be-released, or otherwise not yet part of the wider social knowledge, then use a spoiler tag and make sure it's appropriately tagged to warn people.

    I'm sure plenty of you have been spoiled or had an experience tampered with by someone/thing else. And even if not, the people in this thread like or love horror just as much as you. Please be mindful of not ruining experiences of others in the same way that you would wish they wouldn't be ruined for you if the shoe was on the other foot.
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  7. I just skip past posts about films that I have yet to see. No big deal.

    Watched Halloween Kills, it was a mess. Terrible script.
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  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    That works for you - you're also not everyone.

    You can comment on a film without divulging major plot points, which was the point of my post. If you can't be sensitive in this thread when it comes to how much you need to share, then it will be edited/deleted.
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  9. Isn't that 90% of the posts in this thread though?
  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    No, it's not. The fact that it's been reported says a lot, so stop being willfully obtuse. If a film is literally brand-new and just released, go talk about it in its thread. And if there isn't one, use a spoiler tag. It's that simple.
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  11. What thread are we allowed to discuss Halloween Kills in?
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  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  13. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    It's edited now for those that didn't understand its title. Discuss the film there and make sure that once other films are out that you either post in its thread or spoiler your discussion in this thread. xoxo
  14. Am at the Telluride Horror Film Festival this weekend. Really enjoyed Antlers, The Exorcism of God, and Hellbender. Also saw an incredible documentary about Folk Horror called Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror. Very cool!
  15. I didn't think I put anything in my post that spoiled it for anyone. There have been plenty of newly released films that have been discussed in here and gave away some details. If I don't want to know anything, I just don't read anything related. It's a big film and we have all been excited and of course we would want to discuss it in here. I had no idea of a Halloween thread. I have no desire to discuss the film in a thread I've never visited. Not sure why my post had a couple of people pissed. Pretty much everything I talked about was in the trailer anyway. I will of course use the 'spoiler' in future.
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  16. Your posts in this thread are some of my favorites. I didn't think there was anything different about your post compared to 95% of the posts in this thread that required a snarky response or reports to a moderator.

    Plus you used the spoiler feature in your post, so I don't think it was your intention to spoil it for anyone.
  17. Thanks @Pink Frost love your posts too as your recommendations are great. I have watched some real gems I missed.

    I was careful not post plot points and unless you have been living under a rock, pretty much what I mentioned we were aware of. I'll just put stuff in a 'spoiler' next time.
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  18. I’m not keen on dragging this out much further and you’re entitled to your opinion but I just wanted to address some stuff.

    Up until yesterday I had actually managed to avoid spoilers, as well as the trailer, despite being in the horror thread, and ‘online’.

    It’s absolutely possible to do so, so even though I started to read and then quickly scrolled past your post, you spoke about stuff in the film that I wasn’t aware of.

    Whilst you don’t think you wrote anything unknown, @Mr.Arroz said it best; you’re not everyone. Lots of the other posters here talking about Kills had short posts with the body in spoilers; yours was paragraphs long. When it comes down to it it’s about basic forum courtesy, and you doubling down by essentially saying “well I don’t want to” is pretty juvenile.

    Also, the Halloween thread has been on the forum since 2018, and wasn’t always called The Haddonfield Multiverse. It was made as a way so as not to flood the horror thread with talk of one film, and also as somewhere to discuss the film so as not to spoil it for others. It’s also been pretty high up the list of threads on TV & Film for months now, so I don’t buy that you weren’t aware of it.

    And finally, no, it wasn’t me that reported anything. Have a blessed day.
  19. Why would I need to have been aware of it? That's rude. Did they send out thread list? I have deliberately just chosen a few that I have more of an interest with. I am not obliged to go and look at all threads. I only visit the threads in my watchlist. New ones get added when I become aware of them by someone mentioning it or doing a specific search. I don't go to the general thread to see what's the 'hot' topic. 'I Don't Want To; is not juvenile when I have an interest in all horror and have no interest in just discussing one franchise in a thread.

    It's just been released and it was quiet in here, I imagine a lot had only just seen or were waiting. When other big films have been released they have been discussed with some minor plot points but rarely something to spoil it. Most us members in here have been talking for years so it stands to reason we want to discuss a big film like this. A lot of what I mentioned had already been discussed in here when the trailer was released, can we not discuss trailers too as some may not want to watch them?

    Anyway I will put my 10 cents worth in a spoiler for new films.
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