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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

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    Here is your reminder that Brandy ‘The Vocal Bible’ Norwood redefined the slasher genre when she singlehandedly carried 1998 classic I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. A charisma so powerful they changed the script so that she would live, stunts so brutal that not a single pane of glass survived, advice so relevant that we can learn a lesson even now.


    Fuck Julie James.
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  2. Adele is a Horror Hunty confirmed
  3. Words to live by, forever and ever, Amen.
  4. When is Juno going to drop her surprise release album from the cave?
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  5. D10C3A5A-E168-49C8-B34A-D3DF3F77F780.jpeg
  6. Fuck Beth’s life, Juno is skinny.
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  7. Wait. How was Brandy's character originally meant to die then??
  8. Can’t believe I haven’t seen it but I’m watching Chucky 2 for the first time ever and this opening title scene! I STAN.

    Pwease be good.


    I plan to finish all of them before I dive into the TV show. ❤️
  9. 2 is my favourite one. Amazing cast.
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  10. After being rather indifferent to Escape Room, I really enjoyed 'Tournament Of The Champions'. I might need to revisit the first one as I might have watched in a bad mood.
  11. Yesterday I crammed in a bunch of horrors: The Funhouse, Hell Night, Pumpkinhead, Texas Chainsaw III: Leatherface, Friday the 13th: Part 3 and Hocus Pocus.

    All hit the spot!
  12. Don't peak too early. We still got just under 2 weeks left.
  13. I’ve always stayed away from giallo as I suspected it wasn’t for me, but I was introduced to “House With The Laughing Windows” a few weeks ago and I’ve been able to think of nothing else since. Obsessed.
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  14. That's why I'm saving the Halloween franchise! I've done the full Nightmare (repeat views really serve this franchise well) and Scream series thus far. I've ticked most of my favorite 80's slashers already, as soon as the weather cooled down. Since October began:
    Nightmares 1-7
    Scream 1-3 (watching 4 next week with my friends)
    Final Exam
    My Bloody Valentine
    Slumber Party Massacre 1-3
    Terror Train
    Prom Night
    House on Haunted Hill (Remake)
    The Fog
    I, Madman
    Body Bags
    Cherry Falls
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Remake)

    Still to come: IKWYDLS, Urban Legend (I watch these two monthly honestly), The House on Sorority Row, Sorority Row, Valentine, Hide & Go Shriek and then whatever else I throw on, on a whim.
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  15. House On Sorority Row is one of my all time favourite slashers. Legeen Davidson and all.
  16. Seeing her hubby get killed in Hell Night yesterday made me think of her and her iconic stint as bad gal Vicki. It's definitely a must this week.
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  17. I saw it for the second time a couple of weeks ago. The ending really is something!

    I think I was about 17 when I saw the movie the first time. I found it to be very atmospheric and it genuinely creeped me out, so I had to take a break halfway through. It wasn't the same the second time, but it still had me gripped (especially since I had forgotten just about everything).
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  18. I hated that stuff as a kid but I can't get enough of it these days. I love that it makes no apologies for what it is.
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  19. Watching Nightmare on Elm Street 3 now. This one is so good.
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  20. Then wouldn't it have been easier, and more obvious to avoid if it was paragraphs long? If you didn't want to read spoilers, it would seem pretty easy to skip past it. But I guess you wanted to be rude and snarky instead and make an issue in a thread that has been thankfully free of petty dramatics.

    Have a blessed day.
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