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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Thanks, I will!
  2. I really enjoyed this 1978 film, it's kind of underrated. It was filmed in an actual castle as well.


    Has anyone lived in a haunted house before? For one year I lived in a 16 bedroom, 3 story mansion that was haunted. A taxi driver dropped me off one day and said "Oh you live next to the haunted house" - but when I asked what house he pointed to my place. The only time I ever saw or felt anything 'supernatural' and I have not experienced anything like that since.

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  3. As a child I had a couple of what I would call 'ghostly' experiences. Like you I lived in a big old house for about a year. It was an old Victorian Children's Home, 3 stories with about 20 bedrooms. I always felt like there was a presence there. I was raised Catholic but never truly believed, although it affected me as a child. As I have got older, I am real sceptic now when it comes to the supernatural. I am also a staunch atheist. I was very susceptible to anything ghostly when I was younger. I loved horror films from as far as I can remember. I wanted to believe they were real. Looking back I think can attribute my experiences to my imagination and presupposition that they existed, so I think I was almost 'conjuring' an experience.

    That's not to say someone else's experience isn't real.

    I have a huge interest in psychology and an understanding of why I thought those experiences actually happened to me back then. I still love ghostly and religious horror films, they are probably my favourite. I just don't get spooked when I turn the lights off at night now/
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  4. My sister's house has a 'weird room' - sometimes when go in there you feel like there's someone else in there. The dog occasionally barks at nothing. Nobody's massively freaked out and it hasn't been mentioned in a while, it's just ...not right.
  5. I Am A Ghost had me on the edge of my seat. It felt so much longer than it’s 75 minute runtime, I was tense and genuinely scared for so much of it. The use of sound in this movie is so intense. I recommend it for anyone who is interested in a very low budget slow burn. My only issue was it was a bit repetitive in the beginning but it all ended up adding to the uncomfortableness so I can overlook that.
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  6. Halloween Kills deserves the guillotine.

    Nothing about it was scary, just brutal to the point where it was like “this head exploded, let’s zoom in!” I mean, the whole audience vibe was like babe, he’s already dead. The script, the acting, the story, the fucking mob? Horrible. I was stanning Kyle though.
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  7. I enjoyed Summer of 84. It felt pretty heavy handed with its 80’s influences/nostalgia and very Stranger Things but it was a fun ride.

    The shock of the one friend getting his throat slit, it had been pretty tame on violence up until that point. I wasn’t too convinced that Rich Sommer had done a great job of portraying a scary serial killer & then he did THAT animalistic hate-filled speech near the end, creepy.
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  8. Thinking about her

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  9. Slumber Party Massacre remake was ok. I appreciated the subversion of all the male eye candy.
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  10. The new Dune had more “scares” than Halloween Kills.
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  11. I am quite a sceptic too, but the experiences were only that one year, and only in that one particular house. Never happened before or after that year.

    In one of the bedrooms a Maori Princess had written a poem inside a cupboard about 100 years ago.

    The oddest experience was when I felt a presence pass through my body. It is kind of hard to explain the feeling in words.

    I didn't worry about it too much as whatever it was didn't feel like an 'evil' presence.
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  12. I had fun with it. It’s definitely a SyFy original but it keeps the spirit of the others whilst being it’s own thing.

    Has anyone seen Til Kleinert’s Der Samurai? I watched it again for the first time since a bleary Frightfest in 2014 and it’s still a beautifully weird blast of a film. Beautifully shot, darkly funny, and some amazing set pieces despite being only 80 minutes long.

    Pit Bukowski is an absolute babe, too.
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  13. The Poughkeepsie Tapes was fairly well done. A touch of realness to it. I thought I had seen it as the name rang a bell. I think it's been mentioned in here before, so maybe that's why. The documentary style is is a bit dated, it was made in 2007, but it still works.
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  14. Please confine your discussions in this thread to I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, When A Stranger Calls Back, and a Nightmare on Elm Street 2. You never know when someone reading this thread has shite taste and doesn't love an iconic sequel!
  15. It's one of my favourite films but I refuse to revisit it alone. It left me feeling watched for a good couple of days. I've been holding out for a UK Blu-Ray release of it after it had a US release in 2017, but not very hopeful.
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  16. I haven't got the patience to wait to see if we get a UK release. I buy a lot of US releases. They are very spoilt there.
  17. Erm girls, I’ve made it to Bride of CHUCKY and how come none of you whores warned me about this?


    I’m just a hole sir.
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