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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I watched Dead & Buried last night (I think @Beautiful Child 2 had mentioned it in here) and Janet is a bit of a queen I fear!

    Oh my god yeah the murders. That’s horrible. Well listen honey I gotta go.’ Kii!
  2. I guess Ms Mancini went all the way camp (one can tell by casting John Waters) with Seed of Chucky. The way I hated Glen and then grew to love him by the end of it ddd

    “It’s just a little slip. Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

    I’m now at Curse of Chucky and I’m surprised the doll has been reworked and this has gone back to full on horror again? YATH. One more to go and then I start the series.

    I just wanna say I love Chucky. I just wanna be hugged.
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  3. Late to the party I’m sure, but Haunt is delightfully, deliciously nasty fun.
  4. It's just come out on Netflix here in Australia so I've been recommending to my friends. Reviews have been entirely positive (as they should be!). It's a winner.
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  5. That’s how I watched it too. Such a pleasant surprise!
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  6. Good slashers are rare these days and 'Haunt' came along without the usual hype. It seems to have gained popularity by word of mouth online. I suppose the title might have been misleading.
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  7. I love this one. The reveal of what's underneath the masks...WHEW!

    Also, The Witch saying, "You think you're the only ones who made it this far?" Chilling.
  8. Honestly I didn’t have any idea that the faces under the masks would be so extreme. When Mitch showed her mug I almost choked on my drink. And you just know that when a killer shows you their face it is OVER.
  9. Haunt completely surprised me. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t that. I guess after Hell Fest’s light n fun vibe, I was lulled into a sense of safety. After the first kill I knew I was in for something different.
  10. This Haunt is the one where the college kids go to a haunted house, right? If so, I watched it last year with my roommates and loved it. The reactions to a few of the more brutal deaths was great.
  11. I wasn’t expecting a lot out of Host (2020) but was very pleasantly surprised. Some of the earlier Zoom scenes were a bit rough to get through but it did a great job of showing a believable group of friends interacting during lockdown. It thankfully doesn’t take long to get to the action & when it does it’s non-stop & relentless. The jump scares are really effective and I was impressed with the effects, some really great stuff. Overall it was an adrenaline rush that I think benefited from a short run time.
  12. The quick shot of the hanging feet in the attic, along with the subtle, echoing laughter of the "spirit" throughout the film, are both such great little touches.
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  13. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Night Teeth on Netlifx is a watchable 108 minutes. I’m a sucker for anything neon drenched with a synthy soundtrack, so add in some vamp action and it’s good for me.
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  14. What would you guys say are the scariest movies you've ever seen? I'm in the mood to check out some new ones this Halloween season and want to get some recs!
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  15. Watched 'Fade To Black' on Shudder US last night, as I had never seen it. Loved it. It is not as brutal as some of the other low budget horror around that time but is all the better for that. All the nods to producer Irwin Yablans was fun too.
  16. Noroi: The Curse fucked me all the way up in a way that I’ve not watched it again since.

    It depends, though, what kind of horror are you looking for?
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  17. I love a good psychological type of thriller/horror film, and mystery based ones too. Especially with twists. For example, I'd say Hereditary is definitely my favorite horror movie from the past few years.

    I'm not typically super into slashers, but I'm down to watch one if it has a good plot.

    I guess I should've rephrased my post, but maybe what are some of the best rather than scariest. I get a little nervous to watch ones that really fuck you up but they always make me curious dd.
  18. The original Candyman is always one that creeps me out, no matter how many times I watch it. I've seen so many horrors/slashers that I get somewhat desensitised to it but Candyman is one that will always freak me out.
  19. The Ring (2002 US version) is terrifying. I couldn’t sleep for weeks after seeing it. It’s so atmospheric and creepy with a great ending. It scared me so much I could never bring myself to watch the original Japanese version!
  20. Has anyone seen this year's Welcome to Blumhouse releases? I recently caught The Manor and Madres, and neither were particularly memorable, although I'd give a slight edge to Manor.
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