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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I saw the director’s follow up film DASHCAM at the London film festival last weekend and it was an absolute riot! It was billed as one of those films you’d either love or hate and I loved it - partly to do with how rowdy/getting involved the audience was and would definitely recommend seeing it with a crowd of people. Loads of gore, mixed with actual good jumpscares, horror and comedy from the most obnoxious lead I’ve seen in a film for a long time.

    I can’t find a trailer for it though so I don’t even know if it’s getting a proper release.
  2. Might work better when book ended with Ends. It does feel like they have stretched the story out to make 3 films. I did enjoy it for what it was and still have high hopes for the finality.
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  3. I watched it on Sitges Festival too with a really passionate and crowded audience and it was one of the most fun experience I had in cinena since a long time.
    All the different elements in theory shouldn’t work but it does. The different tones, the absurdity, the obnoxious lead (the final credits wow) all merge into a really fun experience that I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes viral and create a little cultural moment. Or totally the opposite. Exciting times
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  4. Watching Nightmare on Elm Street 4 and, even though it’s not a patch on 3, it’s still a pretty decent script. Freddy does take a long time to show up though.
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  5. I've been on a deep dive of TUBI, ladies. Exists was pretty good aside from the horrific depiction of women but I had to give up halfway into The Haunting of Grady Farm. I have a high tolerance for shite horror but that was quite painful.

    The Lost Footage of Leah Sullivan remains the best thing on there, indie wise.
  6. SBK


    I watched an interview with the director where he pretty much said it was just stuff happening to get to the "final"* showdown with Laurie.

    * we know he'll be back though.
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  7. Can Netflix revive this show please?
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  8. This show was top tier, I enjoyed it so much! And Tanedra Howard deserved to be a huge star!

    I also thought that Shawnee was a great host.
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  9. Watched Halloween II and now on Halloween 4. Not Rachel’s mom insisting she eat a bigger breakfast than a bagel with cream cheese. “I’m on a diet. Do you want an oinker for a daughter?” Kills me paired with that meal choice.

    I think I’m gonna watch the rest if the series if I can jam it in today. Skipping the Zombie films, of course. I just really want to watch Kills again dddd.
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  10. I always loved that made for TV movie remake of “I Saw What You Did” with Shawnee.
  11. Shawnee's best horror is The Blob
    What a Queen
  12. I'm gonna be alone for two weeks at home so no really scary horror films for me.

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  13. Just spent £102.14 on Zavvi with their Shocktober Arrow offer, saved £66.78 on 4 Blu-rays and 3 Boxsets, I got Audition, REC, Donnie Darko (Limited Edition 4K Box Set), Ring Collection, One Missed Call, Oldboy and Pulse, I know Oldboy isn't a horror movie, but never watched it before and was curious, haven't seen Donnie Darko, the second and third Ring films, Audition, One Missed Call or Pulse, but can't wait to watch them.
  14. ALL of these are good choices!
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  15. The Voyeurs...

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  16. I couldn't stop watching it though. Each twist was more ridiculous than the last.

    Very trashy but entertaining.
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  17. It was Sliver/Fatal Attraction/Single White Female/Final Destination/Basic Instinct/Rear Window/Dressed To Kill all rolled into one messy little lovely Ben Hardy sized package.
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  18. Made my way to Halloween 6 (god 5 is so bad for the entire middle section). Beth is a horny/messy queen and Paul remains an absolute snack.
  19. The middle section as he stalks the teens (love that car ride with Tina) and on the farm is my favourite bit of the film.
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  20. I find everything after Rachel's death and before the barn terribly boring. I guess if the characters were likable I would be more satisfied by the stalking scenes. WAY to much Jamie for my liking, especially as she grunts and squeals.
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