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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. It was the version that was put on DVD in the UK. It was like a bootleg but I bought officially from HMV. I ended up buying the original Code Red Blu Ray, which I paid a pretty penny for. Then 88 films bought out a UK version, for a normal price.

    This is why I was desperate to see it properly. Even with the awful picture quality from my DVD and streaming, I could tell it had a creepy atmosphere. You can almost smell the forest.
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  2. Thank God for Shudder putting so many of these great restorations in their catalogue. It really is an awesome service (at least in the US).
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  3. Yes, so my VPN opened my eyes up to. You get 50% more content (and now do I).
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  4. Last Night in Soho really grew on me. When I first saw it, I thought it was ok...but I have not stopped thinking about it. Now I think it's my favorite movie of the year. It's wonderful.
  5. Girls why does this look more like a West Side Story remake than the West Side Story remake?

  6. Why does it look like it's taking place in a hip Parisian cafe where every character is having an existential crisis??
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  7. I’m already on Leatherface’s side.
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  8. Uno


    It's giving me Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Musical.
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  9. In no way does Bulgaria look like Texas, I wonder whose decision that was.
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  10. The investors.
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  11. Cary turning the first few minutes of No Time To Die into a horror film - I wanted/needed more of that sis!
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  12. Get ready to feel old girlies!

    I was just watching the incredible The Others (for the millionth time) and was intrigued to see what the kids look like now?


    Anne (Alakina Mann)


    Nicholas (James Bentley)


    I am literally a dusty relic at this point.
  13. When was it out - 2001?

    I remember the heating in the cinema was broken and it was freeeezing, which added to the ambience nicely.
  14. The Thai horror film The Medium was just okay. It’s still quite scary though. Just the third act is a mess. Same director that gave us Shutter and Alone.
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  15. Thanks I hate it.
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  16. We’ll still watch it hahahahaha. Maybe they won.
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  17. It is time.


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  18. ^ Honestly wouldn't be the festive season without her yellow pants.
  19. I haven't seen anything since "do your thing cuz" but caught maybe 10 minutes of Leatherface on TV and was gobsmacked how horrible it seemed.
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