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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. The first half of The Strangers is great. But the second was so stupid. One of the very few movies where I think I could’ve survived.
  2. Them >>>>>>> The Strangers
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  3. But now we said it!

    Prey At Night is also better for me. I don't really like the original all that much other then that one iconic shot of the killer behind Liv. The trailer is better and one of the best of all time.
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  4. I do love that Dennis Reynolds shows up in The Strangers and he's NOT the serial killer nn
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  5. Nope, not having this. The Strangers is a fantastic film and the sequel is hugely inferior.

    You’re all cancelled.
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  6. The Strangers is a great movie, albeit I haven’t seen it in a very long time to see if it’s held up. The sequel was fun but not great, killing off Christina Hendricks so early on was a mistake.
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  7. I’ve always loved and been absolutely terrified by The Strangers, and I also enjoyed the sequel and felt it got an unfairly negative response, but the latter still doesn’t hold a candle to the former for me.
  8. Poor Christina, in Drive as well
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  9. The Strangers was great. Extremely well done by keeping it simple. I really like the follow up too, it took it somewhere else while keeping the feel of the original.
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  10. The sequel was fun (and nice to hear a couple of Kim Wilde tracks in there!) But it did feel very different to the original, for me. But still very enjoyable. I guess there was less suspense and dread throughout and it turned into more of a typical slasher.
  11. I couldn't take the sequel seriously with the child version of Snow White from Once Upon A Time as the lead.
  12. The pool scene in Slay at Night is better then everything in the first one minus maybe that one iconic shot that they ruined in the trailer and poster.
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  13. Bailee Madison disrespect…On my Popjustice?!

  14. Sure the characters in The Dorm That Dripped Blood spend alot of time walking up and down stairs, but it has some nasty gore, and a great (40 year old) lead.
    The final 30 minutes is just one big chase around the factory/office block/dorm. Sure it's title has more credit attatched to it than it deserves, but it's a solid mid-table slasher.

    Poor Daphne Zuniga.
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  15. I did Popcorn next, and well, cool poster, but that's 25 years of wait ending up in disapointment. It's a 2/5 at best (and one of them is for Jill Schoelen's iconic voice).
    Buy A Bag... Go home in a stifled yawn

    I need to watch one great slasher today
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  16. More episodes coming. I really appreciate Shudder's penchant for interesting docu work.
  17. Watched the original The Hitcher which I'm not even sure if I've ever seen in full and it was a very good, solid movie. Much better then the remake obviously which was pretty much a lazy, carbon copy.
  18. I've never seen Popcorn but have always avoided it for some reason.

    The Strangers sequel has so much potential but I can't think of a lead in a horror film I hated as much as the girl in this one. Just absolutely zero likability and the ~edgy and moody~ acted scenes are painful. Great song choices though.
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  19. I just found this and it's very good! It's about a group of men who terrorize a group of people at an LGBT bar. They kill all but one of the patrons and the movie is about them trying to find the sole survivor to shut him up. It's like a cross between Assault on Precinct 13 and The Purge.
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  20. I watched this recently and it was very good. Very much like Assault On Precinct 13. Word of warning though, some might not get past the beginning with all the killing in the gay bar. It's pretty horrific. This doesn't do a huge amount for gay rights but very little did back then (unfortunately).
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