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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Just saw The Dark and the Wicked and lordy lord that was a bleak watch. Very effective though, if a little slow at times. I still have no idea what the fuck happened, but I’m never going to rural Texas ever again.
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  2. Everyone please let this seller know we are INTERESTED.
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  3. Definately one of the best horrors of the decade so far
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  4. Keep an eye out for the subliminal images in this one.
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  5. Spree was just ok. Joe Keery does a great job of portraying a psychopath but I’m not sure if I was particularly entertained throughout.
  6. I enjoyed 'Firestarter' more than I thought I was going to based on the reviews. I prefer the original but was entertained throughout. My main complaints were the lack of tension. The Carpenter score was great but it leant itself to a far more tensive film than we got. Charlie's powers too were a bit 'matter of fact', no build up to them. The original with Drew did a much better job, they have a sense of horror and dread about them. The new one she just feels more like one of the X-Men.
  7. Just got back from seeing A24's "Men". I'm gonna need someone to explain it cause it didn't work for me. Or maybe I'm looking for a deeper meaning that just wasn't there?
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  8. I tried the Argento Cut of 'Dawn of the Dead' yesterday. I didn't think much of it at all. Has anyone else seen it, it's on Prime along with two other versions of the movie? I think I should have just stuck to the original...
  9. I like the extended cut but have never watched the Argento one. I will one day but love the Romero one so much I have never felt the need to.
  10. It's on prime? I bought a DVD of this because I couldn't find it! But my DVD has the theatrical version. I hadn't seen it in years, but it holds up so well. Of course the makeup is dated, but the level of suspense they built was frightening. I also like that we got to see the struggle of them living in the mall, unlike the remake where it seemed pretty easy to get things under control.
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  11. UK Prime has all three cuts. The Directors/Extended for me, everytime.
    What a masterpiece
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  12. The Thing (2011) is once again a reminder that practical effects are superior to VFX. What a mess.
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  13. Uno


    Men was meh.
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  14. I haven’t seen/heard a single positive thing about Men. Devastating, honestly.
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  15. Guess what Hens
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  16. Yesterday, I watched 'The Descent' for the first time. It reminded me of All Saints' "Pure Shores" video, but in caves.



    Lisa Rinna was great.


    It also reminded me of the (superior) 'As Above, So Below'.
  17. [​IMG]

    The Descent is a masterpiece
  18. BTG


    I heard there was As Above, So Below discourse and came running CC: @johnny_tsunami
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  19. The protagonists of 'The Descent' are better, yes. But the Crawlers are a boot, while these are a shoot.



    And the lighting and camera work made it hard to see what was happening in 'The Descent'.

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  20. I really dislike Alex Garland. I actively hated Devs and his work in general leaves me cold, not in the Kubrick cerebral/removed way, just tedious and uninteresting.
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