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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

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  2. As Above, So Below is a very, very cute girl but it wishes it had the horror and emotional impact that The Descent possesses.
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  3. The Descent is a great, heartbreaking drama but I think some tea was spilled about Ass Above, Hole Below being a tinge scarier (and definitely more fun). The Descent is the more impeccably made of the two but I love horror movies with a funhouse vibe.
  4. I've watched As Above So Below like 3 times it still isn't that good sorry
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. As Above So Below praise on my Popjustice? Leave it @ /r/horror hens.

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  7. Watched incident in a Ghostland for Mylene Farmer and it was pretty solid
  8. As Above So Below is fun when you just pretend it’s a Tomb Raider movie as it is just a massive tomb raider rip off.

  9. As Above So Below was *phenomenal* as a level 3 drunkenness, first-and-only-time-seen horror movie.
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  10. The Decent is great 'balls to wall' horror. The fact that it's very dark that you can't tell what's going on a lot of time, adds to the claustrophobia of the film.
    As Above is very good, quite unsettling and weird but not on a par with the gritty realness of The Decent.
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  11. The behind the scenes made this a bit of a depressing watch with the movie itself being depressing as hell on its own. Still it kept me on my toes and was overall a brutal, effective watch.
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  12. The Descent is decent fare but waaaay overrated.

    Also: Juno should've been the only survivor.
  13. The sequel ruined The Descent for me, I wish I'd never seen it.
  14. Old was far from a perfect movie, definitely suffered from some bad dialogue and poor characterisation, but the overall plot was so unsettling that I wound up enjoying it.
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  15. Yes, after reading everyone’s reactions on here the bar was ground zero and I enjoyed it very much.

    Just… that DIALOGUE… I’ve never seen Bernal, Krieps or half the cast for that matter be actively BAD in a film… that possibly unsettled me most of all!
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  16. The Descent is a great watch, but the scariest parts all have to do with the cave itself. Claustrophobia kicks in. Once the monsters show up it’s not scary at all, more an action flick.
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  17. I also watched this this arvo.
    The opening twenty minutes was great, with it's Haute Tension vibes...
    and then it slowly pettered out into nothing.

    Sloth sniffs dolls, who knew
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  18. BTG


    Juno should’ve been the sole survivor of The Descent. Fuck Beth.

    As Above, So Below is a delight. Laurie Strode wishes.
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  19. Stawp. Beth is the embodiment of fuck all. The two blondes were complete hysteria and Holly was an absolute hoot. I haven’t seen the film in so long, but the way it goes absolute bezerk in the second half is impeccable. I remember being absolutely terrified in the theater all the way through.
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  20. BTG


    When Juno kills Beth.


    When Lara Croft goes into the catacombs.

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