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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. This looks surprisingly good
  2. Yes, I was in shock! Are we finally getting a good Predator movie?
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  3. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Seeing Men tonight by which I mean the 2022 psychological horror film by Alex Garland and then I’m going to an orgy
  4. I agree. I still think about Luca's Suspiria. It was so different in tone from Dario's that it threw me off at first. But now I see it as a good thing.
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  5. I think Dario probably expected a tribute, which it… wasn’t. The remake is such a triumph.
  6. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    So rain check on that orgy
  7. I love the Suspiria remake so much. Luca really went for broke with it. The possession dancing scene in the mirrored room is absolutely horrific, in a great way.
  8. Not me trying to work out how big Michael Wincott's is.

    Also not me trying to figure out how I'm going to get my husband to agree to seeing this on the big screen without seeming like an obsessive fangirl.
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  9. Not sure what to think of it still, but I am intrigued.
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  10. I'm excited, it's been so long time since we got a good alien themed horror movie. I remember being so scared when I saw Signs.
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  11. I sort of hate how much I now know about this movie after that trailer, but I still couldn't be more excited.
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  12. Signs is so underrated. I know it marks the turning point for a lot of people regarding Shyamalan, but it and The Village are still his best in my opinion.
  13. I just saw Sinister for the first time and am so irritated with Ethan Hawke! I was rooting for that man to come to his senses the entire movie. Such a disappointment, as men often are! Is the sequel worth watching? I feel like it won't have the same impact now that we know the source of the mystery.
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  14. The sequel's an unsurprising miss beyond the VHS tapes and queen Shannyn Sossamon; the Children of the Corn vibe was not the tea.
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  15. I watched an old TV movie from 1973.

    The poster is deceptive, Bette is just a supporting character. The film is quite fun in a budget Psycho way. Some of the set pieces (creepy sculptures, etc) are well done.

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  16. Uno


    Just watched The Sadness and went in expecting something really great based on everyone else’s reviews but was super disappointed. Gore and brutality aplenty but the characters were dull and had no reason for the viewer to root for them or care what happened. Besides the over the top blood, there wasn’t anything at all original to it.
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  17. I found it entertaining but expected 'Train To Busan' excellence from the reviews. It wasn't. I did appreciate the sexual violence was more implied than brutally shown. There was enough gore to satisfy.
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  18. I will very interested to see where the Director goes next
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  19. I just watched The Last Matinee and I thought it was a well done slasher. It reminded me a bit of the 80s slashers with the random, unexplained killer and I thought it was well paced and tense.
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