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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. The Horror Girlies who sit through the DTV productions and sequels made past 1998 really do the Devil's Work
  2. You're welcome. I can confidently say that the Hellraiser Cinematic Nippleverse is only slightly better than Wrong Turn as a franchise.
  3. A lot of them were sequels to Stephen King films which became less and less about the source material. Very few of them any good.
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  4. BTG


    Candyman 2 is iconic for all the wrong reasons! I love it.

    Seth Cohen’s mum on her way to deny racism:

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  5. Malignant V: Gab Goes To Space would’ve been too iconic for VHS.
  6. Wishmaster 1, 2, and 3 say hello.
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  7. Wishmaster 2, in which a man literally fucks himself with his own penis. To death?
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  8. …maybe I need to give this franchise another chance!

    We got some free merch when we saw the original and I still have the lil Wishmaster pin badge on my laptop bag.
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  9. The first Wishmaster is an iconically enjoyable mess, not least for the extra that dies at least three times in the finale. And the mannequin gag!

  10. The Empty Man opening was truly A+ with unexpected scale. They even had their own incredibly unnerving Space Jocky creature and it jingling about hunting them in the snow was top horror; I wish the whole movie had just been that snowy, mountainous setting rather than switching to an urban sub-Fincher cult investigation which outside the cute bridge scene wasn’t all that memorable and a tad boring. It’s kind of a scream that no one remembers the plot / ending because who would want to.

    I would like to give it a rewatch at some point knowing where it goes to see if I can appreciate the second half more, because those first 20 minutes!
  11. The Empty Man has no business being as long as it is. What a slog.

    Now Wishmaster, that was a classic! I still need to watch the sequels.
  12. While not horror like the original I re-watched The Stepford Wives remake. Definitely a bit of a mess (you can smell those re-shoots), the cast especially miss Kidman were all delivering camp with some great one liners. I really want to watch the original again now.
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  13. The remake has such a bizarre tone, with plot holes you could fly a 747 through. I was so disappointed upon seeing it initially, as the teasers and marketing were fantastic:

    The original is a favorite of mine - that last scene still chills to the bone. Katharine Ross is so, so good. “The Stepford Wives” is long overdue for a reboot, either as an A24 style horror film or perhaps as a limited series on a prestige network ala HBO Max/Apple.
  14. The Stepford Wives remake is one of the biggest WTFs I’ve ever seen. I can appreciate it as a camp classic now but at the time it was so bizarre - the plot holes! It was like they made it by letting a random person come in and direct it scene by scene without seeing the previous one.
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  15. I really wish the original Stepford Wives would be released on Blu-Ray. It's one of those films screaming for a deluxe edition from Scream or Arrow or Vinegar Syndrome with a plethora of extras.

    It really is a great film. I think Katherine Ross was fantastic. The scene with her and the psychiatrist is so intense and feels so real. It's one of those rare scenes that capture what true fear is. And Paula Prentiss is also terrific.

    The Stepford Wives remake needs a documentary just about the making-of. Frank Oz and Bette Midler apparently loathed each other (Cher apparently hated him too and got him fired from Mermaids) and I don't think Oz endeared himself to the other actors. The behind-the-scenes was a mess.
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  16. The way if either Stepford Wives movies would be released today they would be called "woke trash" by the basement dwellers.
  17. Honestly?

    The Wishmaster 1 and 2 are must-sees.
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  18. The Black Phone was…ok? It felt like it couldn’t decide whether to be an IT/Stranger Things pastiche or a full on horror film. Great opening credits though.
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  19. I don’t understand the hype for this? It feels like another film we’ve already seen 1000 times and the trailer basically gives the entire movie away.

    Unless it’s like Men and the trailer did not give anything away at all and I’ll leave the theater with trauma.
  20. aux


    The Stepford Wives is a classic through and through. I watched the original for one of my modules last year and fell in love with it from the outset. The eerie atmosphere, slow burn story, the phenomenal acting and cinematography… The whole thing is just perfect. I totally echo that it needs a proper release on Blu-Ray and be easily accessible since it’s one of my favourite films ever.
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