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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Great post. Totally agree. From what I've heard, this movie is stuck in rights hell. I may have even read that it's now owned by a pharmaceutical company... which would weirdly be in keeping with the eeriness of the film...
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  2. Even those who haven't seen the film know to what someone is referring to when they say a 'Stepford Wife'.
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  3. Watched the absolute camp classic that is Urban Legend last night, had a blast as always.
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  4. I don’t hate Friday The 13th (2009) by any means but it’s frustrating that the first 30 minutes are by far the best part of the movie. Its disappointing that it gets progressively less tense as it goes on.
  5. I'm doing Alligator for the first time finally this afternoon, and this is a scary scene

  6. This reminds me of the (very effective) TV adverts for the first Final Destination film.
  7. BTG


    Melissa. Margaret. Marr.
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  8. Well, Mandy was amazing. I felt like it did everything Rob Zombie tries to do but...fails completely at.
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  9. For me, the hype is mostly because the trailer looked interesting and it's been a while since we had a horror film in theaters. I'm pumped literally for that reason and that reason alone. It may not end up being great or groundbreaking, but it's something to hold us over until Nope and Halloween Ends!
  10. This is just one of the most memorable scenes on any film for me. So cruel but so much fun. Iconic.
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  11. So many of these nature-runs-amok films had a little kid being chomped. The one in The Dark Age is just as harrowing.
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  12. The Black Phone was fine. Sinister was better.

    The film was a major letdown
    because the ENTIRE time his brother is living with him and doesn’t question padlocks on doors or why he can’t go into the basement? Once this revelation happens, my enjoyment shot WAY down.

    On another note, I really enjoyed Watcher. While it is your generic stalker drama where the female is constantly gaslit about what she’s experiencing, Mika Monroe, as she usually does, gives a great performance that makes it one to watch.
  13. It really is... something about a massive crocodile snapping up a child, the filmmakers must love it. Lake Placid found missing out
  14. We're going to be watching Saint Maud tonight, girlies. Am I in for a spook? A scare? A fright?

    Also thinking about checking out Rorscach (found footage) and We're All Going To The World's Fair this week.
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  15. Don't
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  16. I thought Black Phone was fantastic. Easily one of the best horror movies I've seen in the last 10 years. It's the performances and the writing that really sell it. Such engrossing performances. It develops the characters very well so that you actually feel like the stakes are high. I'd watch a movie just about the main character's little sister. She stole the movie for me with her sass-for-days and raw bravery. It gave me Silence of The Lambs meets IT meets Lovely Bones kinda vibes. The great rotten tomatoes score is deserved imo.

    It's not as terrifying as Sinister sure but it builds suspense better, the acting is better and it has heart. Like first time in a long time, I actually cared about whether characters lived or died. Actually comparing it to Sinister (even though it by the same ppl or whatever) doesn't make sense because they are not the same kinds of movies. I'd actually call this more of a "thriller" type of horror than "terror" type of horror if that makes sense?
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  17. This looks quite fun.
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  19. Caitlin Stasey's role looks limited

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