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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. The English seaside town setting

  2. Speaking of Saint Maud
    That final shot agggggghhhhh
  3. Saint Maud is amazing. I think the fact that I knew very little about it beforehand and hadn't read many reviews made it all the more enjoyable.

    I watched the new Candyman recently and wasn't that impressed. It started off well but kind of went off the rails very quickly. The actual (new) Candyman wasn't scary or effective. Nor were the death scenes. I mostly just found the whole thing a bit dull.
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  4. The person who chose They/Them as the title for a slasher:

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  5. SBK


    Horrific isn't it! I saw it in the cinema, everyone left in stunned silence.

    Hoping there's somewhere easy to watch this in the UK
  6. Feels a bit familiar, but also not.

    They Slash Them looks completely up our street though Hens.
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  7. I love movies about cults, and the director Terence Fisher is my favourite Hammer director.

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  8. Re-watching Dracula 2000......yep very 2000's for sure. I don't totally hate it though. I forgot Vitamin C herself was in this.

  9. One of my favourite Hammer films. This was my bread and butter as a young boy.
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  10. Great movie. I think I need a rewatch.
  11. I’ll watch Winona in anything, and this looks interesting

  12. I've never seen this one but you girlies are certainly making me want to watch.
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  13. It's great and camp, like the best Hammers
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  14. My boyfriend showed me The Devil Rides Out and I spent the whole film wondering when the RVs we were going to show up.

    I was thinking of Race With The Devil

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  15. I gave "You Are Not My Mother" a watch on Netflix and I actually quite enjoyed it. The "gloom looking" vibe of the film and the music were very good at adding to the creepy aspect of it.
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  16. These all look fantastic, and I would like them now.
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  17. And Christopher Lee is at his best in this.
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  18. I wasn’t expecting much, but it was super effective and quite intense. I really liked it.
  19. I'm watching Popcorn (1991). Which is a...musical?
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