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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I was very underwhelmed when I finally got around to watching this the other month
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  2. Thanks for the suggestion. It looks good.
  3. The Return of The Living Dead is such a joy isn’t it girlies.
  4. Uno


    The Black Phone definitely gave spook, I enjoyed it. Ethan Hawke is DAD.
  5. Just rewatched “Event Horizon” with the boyfriend, who had never seen it, and the menacing and foreboding atmosphere + that scene (UGH) still left me with sweaty palms and a lump in my throat. The film suffers from some silliness towards the very end, but overall the disturbing imagery and incredible set design made this one much more effective than I had remembered. A sequel/reboot/series could really mine the potential, I think.
  6. I think an uncut/director's cut would definately improve things, it's a 3/5 for me.
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  7. June 25th is the anniversary of John Carpenter's The Thing. A classic. Today, it's beloved, but it's weird to think when it was released 40 years ago, it was a flop, or at least, underperformed.

    Also unbelievable to think that both Blade Runner and The Thing were released on the same day. They're both so iconic, influential and admired (and released on Blu-Ray a gazillion times). They were not big hits when released in 1982 (Spielberg was dominating with E.T. and Poltergeist) but they've come a long way since then.
  8. Watched Backcountry on Shudder. That bear attack is one of the most harrowing scenes in a horror movie that I can remember! Genuinely shocking and upsetting.
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  9. Great film.
    That bear did not let up.
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  10. The Black Phone was a 10/10. Loved the setting, all the characters were well developed and they built the suspense very well. The actress playing the sister is an absolute star! I was very impressed!
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  11. Hatching was one of the most batshit but also intelligent films I've seen lately. Definitely be re-watching it again very soon.
  12. My favorite zombie film.

    Also I watched Watcher and loved it. Definitely one of the best of the year.
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    Watcher was great. Maika Monroe is so excellent. She really carried the shit out of it.
  14. The new emma roberts horror movie was so dull and lame. They had king michael shannon in this and completely wasted his talents.
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  15. The scene in Watcher where
    she's on the train and thinks she might see the head in the plastic bag! But wow what a moment...."
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  16. Such a joy, and also bleak as hell. Leaves me in such a weird mood by the end.
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  17. I really enjoyed Black Phone and I would really like play ‘naughty boy’ with Ethan Hawke.
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    Watched Sound of Violence only because Jasmin Savoy Brown is the lead and I loved her in Scream 6 but this... was such a chore to get through. Really awful. I'm glad she's doing better things now.
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  19. Ok ok, The Black Phone is more a drama-horror, think Lady In White with a bit of The Lovely Bones than all out scares.
    Very good acting especially feom the two young leads,, and enjoyable, I think it'll have legs to be a favourite in years to come.

    Luckily I only watched the trailer once a while ago, but they need to stop giving so much away in them!!!
  20. The Black Phone definitely gives me Mike Flanagan's brand of Horror-with-heart, like Doctor Sleep, Gerald's Game or similar works such as Summer of '84.
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