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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Screenshot_20220626-194010_Google.jpg Why did I do this to myself? I remember liking Jason Takes Manhatten... it was not good, even by the standards of a Friday 13th. I think 5 and Jason Goes Hell used to rank lower on my list. I'm not about to go there again.

    All that said, I'd pay good money for a new Friday movie or even TV series.
  2. Should have put more awful characters on and just based it all on the boat
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  3. Has anyone seen 'Crimes Of The Future' yet? I love Cronenberg but was a bit disappointed with it. I was very tired when I watched it, so I might not have been in the right mood. It just trod the same path some of his other better films. I will revisit again sometime, as I can often go back and get more from them after the hype.
  4. I liked it. It was all told in a very matter-of-factly way, even the disturbing opening scene. It felt like a slice of life in that particular world. There was (intentionally) no real tension or dramatic climax, even though what we saw (as an audience) was quite visceral and tactile.
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  5. This used to be the only one they played on TV, still trimming what little bloodletting there was. It scared me when I was about 13, but in the grand scheme of all things Jason, it's probably one of the worst.

    That said, I like the 80s-ness of it: JJ and her bitchin' guitar, the Sheriff from Riverdale before he was a hot zad, Lady Deathstrike, a cute dog, "Someone is trying to kill us!!" / "Welcome to Noo Yawk."

    Allegedly there's a low-res alternate cut floating around with a lot more grue, but I'm not sure I believe it. All the docs and commentaries point towards them just toning it down after the massacre the MPAA made of Part VII.
  6. I've never really had a problem with Jason Takes Mahattan taking place mostly on a boat. I mean thats still different. It's just paced so damn slow, Renee is a weak final girl, those Nightmare on Elm Street like visions were a choice. Also queen JJ should have been a bigger role.

    Having said all that I don't hate it just do to nostalgia and it's looks pretty slick for a Friday movie.
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  7. I've just seen Hatching in the cinema and it was probably the funniest cinema experience I've ever had. It was in a pretty big room with only a dozen of people in it, and the film was so bad that we burst out laughing several times throughout it. I can feel that they wanted the film to have some kind of message, but it didn't get through at all. Also, it was a dubbed version and maybe it's just the translation, but most of the lines were so hysterically badly written that we couldn't help laughing. I'm actually very surprised by the positive online reactions, I was thinking multiple times whether it was intended to be funny or just unintentionally ended up being so.
  8. Well this has caught my eye
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  9. Judith Light in a horror film?!

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  10. This is honestly pretty creepy for a TV movie; the FX work is kinda shoddy but there's still an unsettling vibe to the whole thing. I'm hoping the next Conjuring film delves into this case.

  11. I'm sort of fond of it for it's 80s-ness and that it was the first Jason movie I properly saw, when I was about six years old and every one of the kills was imprinted on my memory for years afterwards. Turns out I had actually seen Part 3/D before that but didn't realise it until I was 17 and one of the UK cable channels screened the first three together on Halloween of 2000 and I remembered the barn setting and the shots of Fox swinging on the rope.

    (My parents were really young and rented slasher movies from the local shop to watch and I recall seeing Day of the Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween II around the time I had seen Jason Goes to Manhattan. My brother and I were bought Elm Street 2 and 3 for Christmas 1991 when I was 8 and he was 5. It was somehow just normal and never commented on that we watched slasher movies all the time, until after Child's Play 3 became a tabloid moral panic in late 1993 for reasons that UK people will know.)
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  12. There are funny parts and the vibe of the film is a bit kooky. I love the metaphors though -

    the girl was struggling with an extreme eating disorder due to her mother, the hatched creature was the disorder in a corporeal form and it was growing stronger and taking over her self literally and it became stronger whenever she was upset or lacking control.
  13. BTG


    The good sis @silkandskin alerted me to this and I nearly fell off my damn chair.


    With six deleted scenes and an alternate ending.

    There’s actually very little cut from the film. It stuck to Kevin’s script pretty closely so I can only assume we’re going to get the two scenes with Helen’s mum. And the alternate ending where Julie gets an email and Deb gets another line. Love that for her.

    Now where’s the sequel?

  14. [​IMG]
    Coming September 27 from Sony for the 25th anniversary, as well as digital 4k releases of I Still Know… and that other one.

    Comes with 6 deleted scenes and an alternate ending!

    Edit: dddd sis! @BTG
  15. BTG



    I hope Muse Watson records commentary where he tells us all how much he loves Sarah again.
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  16. As long as we get another scene of Bridgette Leanne Wilson Sampras chewing scenery I’ll be happy.
    And if we’re doing wish lists for I Still Know I’d like more of the myth, the legend, the icon Ellerine! as well as a glass smashing compilation from The Vocal Bible.
  17. Ryan Phillippe soaking wet in a towel and humid Mekhi Phifer in 4K? This kills the gëy

  18. Freddie's concerned face is ending me.
  19. Between this and the Scream 2 Blu.....that gays are truly winning. Shocked that there are deleted scenes. Maybe we will finally get to see Sarah's iconic "the wait is over" line reading that was only in the trailer.

    Also if you hens can help me out. Does anyone remember a music video for I Know.... it had some of it not all the cast members in it. I believe it was set in a mansion. I can't remember what song it was or the band but I swear it exists yet can't find one trace of information online about it.
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  20. BTG


    Oh I have no memory of this at all so let’s do the next best thing and watch this:

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