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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. The filmmakers were truly like

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  2. [​IMG]

    Can’t even hold a gun properly.
  3. I love Jessica sorry gals
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  4. Very much agreed, my dear.

    JLH could have recorded any of Kate's albums, but could Kate have recorded BareNaked? She doesn't have the range.
  5. You got me there.
  6. wE.aRe.GoInG.tO.tHe.BaHaMaS

  7. BTG


    I know I say this every time we discuss the movie but I would give good money to know what the screenwriter thought he was doing with the scene at the dock. The good sis thought he was writing a moment but the entire movie implies that Julie told Karla about Ben Willis and then it turns out she literally told her everything except for the fact that they never found his body? Why would she hide that?

    A flop!
  8. BTG


    “Ben Willis is dead! You killed him remember?”

    “They never found the body!”

    The Vocal Bible and Will Ben’s Son:

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  9. The entire thing clearly being some straight to video script for Psycho Cop Goes to the Bahamas or something stretched beyond its limits for a high budget theatrical release is nothing short of amazing.

    I hope one day someone will leak what the “other scripts” were.
  10. The way he got to the bahamas through a hurricane on THAT raggely scraggely boat...the power of Julie James' greasy hair.
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  11. The way Ben Willis choreographed such an elaborate plot of faking the radio contest, paying for 4 tickets and hotel reservations to get them out there when he could’ve just rocked up at Julie’s campus…

    The chef’s kiss of overengineered revenge.
  12. The more you point out the dumb stuff about that movie, the more fun you make it seem.
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  13. Danny Cannon really just knew he’d reached the pinnacle of filmmaking after I Still Know in 1998, and didn’t direct another film until 2005.

    When it’s right it’s right.
  14. Also it was always interesting to me that Stephen Gaghan is listed as as one of the writers on the full theatrical trailer but his credit is nowhere in the end credits of the actual movie. He would later win an Oscar for the screenplay of the movie Traffic and writer/director of the underrated Abandon, Did he ask to be removed?

    Originally there were two scripts also I believe the other one took place in Seattle maybe. I have no clue what else happened though. Speaking of e-mails when I was a kid I had a few emails back and fourth with Ben WIllis himself Muse Watson who told me that info. He also said that queens JLH and SMG were great to work with. Then he sent me a signed autographed picture.
  15. He either asked to get his credit removed or the script went into arbitration with the WGA and his contribution wasn't deemed enough to get a screen credit OR less likely, but happens, the marketing department didn't check what the up-to-date credit for the script was when authoring the trailer.

    Edit: also, if they had two scripts in development and chose the other one to produce - and no-one told the marketing department. This often occurs after the novelisation has been contracted, and then the novel ends up completely different because it's using a discarded draft or entire script.
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    I am fucking howling at how iconic Muse Watson is!

    There’s an interview with the writer here: https://bloody-flicks.co.uk/2018/08/18/writer-talks-i-still-know-20-years-later/amp/

    The other script took place in New Orleans. The studio hired both of them to write separate scripts and then opted for Trey Callaway’s. He insists he never read the other script but I wonder if the studio borrowed a few ideas from it and asked Callaway to include them, but maybe didn’t borrow enough to warrant a credit for Gaghan in the final movie.
  17. Do you think it was a mistake casting Brandy in a role given her limited acting experience?

    Absolutely not. Brandy is not only a talented performer, but a lovely human being. And I thought she injected some great energy to the film.

    Because Julie was so haunted by the events of the first film— you really needed someone like her character of Karla Wilson to keep things as light as possible for as long as possible— and then function as Julie’s stalwart friend and defender to the end.

    I KNOW that’s right. What a rude question.

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  18. "Limited acting experience"? When by this point she had done Thea, Moesha, Jungle Cubs, AND Cinderella?! Put some respect on The Vocal Bible's name and talents. Everybody get your money up, we're suing.
  19. I was thinking the same thing. If she wants to talk shit about Brandy Norwood, she can meet us Right Here (Departed) on the forum.
  20. Not that the original wasn’t without its strange choices…
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