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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. BTG


    Elsa displaying blank VHS tapes alongside dresses and other assorted nonsense is peak 90s smalltown family-owned department store realness and I won’t hear a word said against. It’s method.
  2. Asking if casting The Vocal Bible was a mistake when she's one of the best final girls in horror?

    I'll throw that writer through every damn pane of glass I can find. And unlike Brandy, he won't be getting back up.
  3. BTG


    And even setting aside the faggy stanning, Brandy is the best part of the movie.
  4. They've added literally all of John Carpenter's classiques to Shudder and also Return of the Living Dead. I'm hyped.
  5. Exactly! They can meet us on the corner of 1st & Love, we just want to talk. But this is a prime example of somebody who hasn't done their research.

    In other news I watched His House last week and really liked it. I had no idea what to expect going in, but I do love a slow tension build and the whole thing was pretty creepy. Plus, the performances from Wunmi Mosaku and Sope Dirisu were brilliant.
  6. Not sure if this has been posted


  7. Ben Willis is doing emails now.
  8. BTG



    How have I never seen this before?! So they used the alternate ending to promote I Still Know?

    Not Deb getting used in promotion for the sequel and having no role in it. Queen shit.
  9. [​IMG]

    I re-watched The Howling yesterday; I never really thought much of it before, but I enjoyed it. Good, old-fashioned, sleazy fun.

    Marsha was an ICON too.


  10. Omg I love you! I looked on Youtube but couldn't find it myself. More queen Deb!
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  11. Not all these straights in line for this midnight screening of I Know What You Did Last Summer talking about how this will be their first time seeing it… never related to humans less.
  12. I went to see Cruel Intentions: The 90s Musical last night and there were people there that hadn’t even seen the film!
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  13. Surely some people would know 'Dangerous Liaisons' though? (or maybe I am just showing my age).
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  14. You’d think, but a lot of people were there just because it was a musical.

    Joke’s on them though, because it was basically the script of the film with pitchy 90s pop songs thrown into the mix. Cecile singing I’ll Make Love To You after the “wanna blowjob?” scene was an absolute scream though.
  15. I will say, I had the best time seeing the Cruel Intentions musical when it was still being put on as a tiny dinner theater production here in LA back in 2015. I went a few times.

    Also, can’t actually describe the joy I felt experiencing these straight I Know… virgins legitimately screaming/jumping when camp icon Anne Heche bangs on Angela & Jodie’s car window. A treat getting to finally see this in a theater after 25 years.
  16. BTG


    Anne Heche acting like she’s in a different movie. Chef’s kiss.
  17. Queen of bloody smocks.
  18. The part always got the biggest jolt though. When I worked at the local UCI I used to try and sneak in for that and the very end to watch the audiences shriek.
  19. I actually noticed that all the cheesy jumps got a lot of mileage out of my friends who were first timers. The slicker at Anne's château, her banging on the window, Muse (somehow quietly getting) under the mannequin cover, and of course the shower finale all got screams out of them.
  20. Anne Heche delivering emotional pathos like she's gunning for an Academy Award while most of the cast is giving CW television production...a scream!
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