Horror films

I just finished The Final Girl Support Group and discovered it's being made into a series, which, if they can sort out the diabolically awful characters in the first half, could be amazing.

I do wonder if Riley Sager's lawsuit-temptingly similar book, Final Girls, from a few years back will get there first though.
Re-watching my childhood favorite Dr. Giggles.

Despite being only being 70 minutes The Resort from 2021 crawled along at a snails pace. It’s like they made a movie with 0 ideas of what to do to fill out the runtime, absolutely terrible.
Got to see NOPE! last night.

It’s Peele’s most ambitious film for me and now my favorite of his trilogy. It’s dark, it’s complex and it’s one hell of a ride. Keke steals the entire film for me.

The only thing I will say is there is a bit of misdirect in the trailers and will probably make this film his most divisive.
I cannot bloody wait!