Horror films

Got to see NOPE! last night.

It’s Peele’s most ambitious film for me and now my favorite of his trilogy. It’s dark, it’s complex and it’s one hell of a ride. Keke steals the entire film for me.

The only thing I will say is there is a bit of misdirect in the trailers and will probably make this film his most divisive.

I'm shaking you guys!!!
Dddd olde wordle UK staggering traumas reopened...

We got the first two Screams six months after the US, I Know What You Did Last Summer at Christmas!? and Urban Legend seven months later. Apparently Jaws was released in the UK on Christmas Day 1975.
Vacancy with Luke Wilson & Kate Beckinsale starts off a little rough (do horror creators really think we want to watch 25 minutes of characters snapping at each other?) but when the plot thickens it actually gets pretty terrifying. A really fun cat & mouse type horror. And despite not really having all that much gore parts of it are brutal to watch. I’m enjoying my 2000’s horror kick this week.

I truly can't stop laughing.

He's one of us Lil Skinless Mirror Sluts @johnny_tsunami
I was utterly on the verge of spiraling… and then I heard about the news of Orphan 2, and now my depression is cured.

Esther left me absolutely wigless back in 2009, she was the talk of the school. Singlehandedly destroying the lives of everyone she came into contact with, convincing everyone’s she’s a literal child whilst simultaneously slaughtering nuns and setting fire to treehouses, all whilst slaying with those bows in her hair? That’s camp. That’s everything we want and need. Is there anyone who does it quite like her? I think not.