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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

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  2. Sometimes it takes me 2 days to watch 90 minute film these days, I have to watch it in 2 halves. I still get up at 5am everyday for a run so it's not surprising really.
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  3. I fell asleep during the final act and woke up right before the end. I enjoyed what I saw, but they could've trimmed some of the fat. Yes I'm blaming them instead of myself for falling asleep lol. In all seriousness, the casting and visuals were stunning. Keke Palmer was an absolute star as always.
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  4. The not horror comment makes me worried. Although I see it being compared to Jaws a lot which is cool. Also some people say it has a little bit of Scream in it with some meta-ness.
  5. Nope was good! The Jaws comparison is not too far off.
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  6. That particular scene had me questioning the inclusion too. Especially when this particular character was the only one with a proper flashback. I want to say it parallels the stand off at the end? Regardless great performances out of this and the direction was superb. I was excited that it might dethrone Everything Everywhere All At Once but the movie it's still the best movie I've seen this year!
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  7. I thought Nope was excellent. I was confused on some things and why some things were included yet after watching some videos explaining it more I appreciate the film even more. The entire final act was just non-stop and so well done. The cinematography was gorgeous and from a pure directorial aspect this is Jordan Peel's best work. Peele is 3 for 3 for me but I think:

    Get Out> Nope> Us
  8. Uno


    It had to do with one of the themes of the movie.

    Which was taming wild beasts (monkey, horses, aliens).
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  9. Nope was enjoyable, mostly because Steven Yeun is just the sexiest man alive.
  10. I'm halfway thru Fresh and this is EXACTLY how I'm gonna fall into the hands of a serial killer.

    I mean going on bad dates, shopping for groceries ALONE, giving my real number out to RANDOMS/guys who flirt with me first, ignoring red flags my bestie warned me about because I'm in 'love', eating junk food on the desk next to a computer while swiping on Tinder entertaining toxic masculinity and the unsolicited dick pics, occasionally checking PJ forum cause I have zero social life at this point and HAVING NO FAMILY - yup this story is about me and this is how I'm gonna die with my ASS removed by a hot average looking white dude...
  11. I have no idea what to expect from Nope and that makes me really excited.

    I watched the original Conjuring film because it was on iPlayer and I hadn't watched it for years. With all the awful spin-offs from the past few years, I'd actually forgotten that the original is pretty decent.
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  12. The original/first Conjuring was James at the peak of his craft. Well, of course, his second best will always be Mawignant.
  13. Shutter the original Thai version. Forget about about going downstairs, you wouldn't even wanna leave your bed. AKSJSKSKFF
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  14. Sis!!!

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  16. BTG


    Poor @robots need oil waiting since 2009 for that reply.


    Also Christ this thread is old.
  17. I’m a big Little Yeuny, but I think Brandon Perea stole my heart this time. What a fox.
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  18. WAIT DID I JUST QUOTE SOMETHING FROM 2019? NOOOOOOOOOOO! This happens when you're flipping thru the threads while watching a movie. I-
  19. All of you reading that post:


    Sorry for making you wait @robots need oil (SCREAMS).
  20. This thread having worse continuity than the Halloween Cinematique Universe [​IMG]
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