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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Jaws 2 continues to slap me upside the head harder than most.




    So many iconic moments.
  2. Poor Marge!!!
    Kindertrauma of the highest degree
  3. Jaws 2 is my favorite Jaws movie

  4. Same though. The first is obviously a classic, but I can just slide in 2 with such ease and absorb those bright, sunny Amity vibes.

    The waterski scene is entirely responsible for me being obsessed that sport.
  5. Wow in the time it took @Judy Jetson Hooker to reply to @robots need oil's post from 2009 we've had: Insidious, The Cabin in the Woods, You're Next, The Crazies remake, Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, Black Swan, I Saw The Devil, etc.

    But you know what else we had, girlies?

    Orphan starring aging pop icon Esther! @robots need oil was truly lost.
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  6. When will it be the Triangle (2009) stanning hour again?
  7. Time loops? OUT!!
    Horror movies at sea? IN!!
    Sacks on the head? OUT!!
    Estonians who scam? IN!!!
  8. I know I'm supposed to adore the original over everything else, but Jaws 2 just gets right down to it while Jaws 1 is a lot of brooding and too many stretches of men talking, while in Jaws 2 we get Tina, Jackie, Marge, Lucy and Mrs. Brody all being iconic. I love the scene where Mrs. Brody is camping it up with her sales pitch and then turns to see Brody overseeing the beach looking for the shark.
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  10. BTG


    It’s always Triangle stanning hour! The way Melissa George stomps around that deck in those wedges.
  11. Couldn't agree more. I saw it Saturday and can't stop thinking about it. It's neck and neck with Get Out as my favorite of Peele's 3 films and I loved how bold the metaphors/symbolism of the movie were.
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  12. wait is jaws the revenge really about a shark swimming to the bahamas for revenge

  13. I'm assuming it's different from that preview that played after the credits of X.
  14. I watched The Other Side of the Door last night and it was definitely ... a film I watched last night. It was pretty predictable, which I was sort of expecting, but also a lot of it just didn't make sense to me.

    So Piki said that Mrytu wanted Oliver back and would destroy anyone who got in her way. Ok, so take him then!! He was shown very early on to be a monster and while Maria was happy to have him back, that soon changed. So it's not as if anybody wanted him to stay. Granted he was doing everything he could to stay, but unless I missed something I just couldn't understand why Mrytu just didn't come, scoop him up and take him away. I felt like they should have depicted Oliver as being the loveliest ghost possible. It just didn't work for me the way it was all presented.
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  15. The Appointment 1982

    I loved this movie so much, it was quite surreal and strange with little dialogue and more than a nod to Nicolas Roeg and a bit of David Lynch.
    The plot: Walking through some woods a girl is seized by an unseen malevolent force. The authorities erect an iron fence around the woods. Later, another girl and her
    family are affected by the same force. First in dreams and then in more real ways.
    The opening scene is quite creepy and the film stars Edward Woodward from The Wicker Man. A bit rare and hard to find as before this month it only had a VHS release. A good article about the film: https://www.horrifiedmagazine.co.uk/film/the-appointment-1981/

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  16. It's about the banana boat scene and nothing else
  17. I bought the Blu Ray recently without having seen the film before.. It's a rare little gem. That opening scene was pretty horrifying. It would have scared the crap out of me as a kid. The atmosphere throughout is completely unnerving. The ambiguity of what was actually going on made me feel as though I was not paying attention. It was like I had missed something but I think it was deliberately open ended. The final part kept me the edge the whole time. The daughter was quite annoying but I think she was meant to be.
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  18. I accidentally came across a review for The Appointment Bluray and have been wanting to check it out. Now I want to see it even more!

    I've been meaning to catch up on Edward Woodward's filmography. Haven't seen much - except basically The Wicker Man, Hot Fuzz and four seasons of The Equalizer (now, where's the Bluray for that?????)
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  19. Honesty, say whatever you want about how bad Jaws: The Revenge is, it's all true, but this is the single most terrifying sequence in all four films and the sole reason I have never, and will never, go on a banana boat!
  20. The shark looking so... bone dry?

    But it's a cool scene.

    I had the novel of it when I was a kid and there were some more attack scenes that really should've made it into the film, plus blurb about a voodoo curse on the Brody's that controls the shark...!? It went from script to screen in something like 9 months though, shouldn't be surprised it's a mess.
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