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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. BTG


    Will I purchase this despite owning these particular movies multiple times already? Yes I will.

    Are they all better than Kills? Yes they are.

    Rise up, Debra Strode hive.
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  2. This looks so camp and ridiculously good. The trailer sold me!
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  3. I think I have been buying just about each new release/format since the late 80/early 90s, when VHS became semi affordable. I had Halloween I & II on 4front VHS cheap looking gold cover (I think). To know I could watch at anytime was amazing.
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. Nope was just ok to me, unfortunately. It felt like a ton of cool ideas mashed together into a film with no overall through-line. The film was best when it played into the horror genre, so I wanted so much more of that, but definitely a huge step down from his other films. Wish I had enjoyed as much as other people on the thread.
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  6. I had a mixed reaction to Nope, which I saw over the weekend. It was certainly a fun thrill ride packed with great performances, some wonderful tension and a number of stunning shots. But I'm of the same mind that it just felt overstuffed and all the pieces never really came together for me. The Haywoods and Jupe were in competing films at times, and while I was incredibly invested in both stories, they never really tied into one puzzle. I was thoroughly entertained the entire time and oddly emotional at the end, but as I started talking to my friends after the film about the numerous holes or confusing inclusions, I found myself less enthused about the entire experience.

    The Gordy stuff was, easily, the most intriguing & terrifying stuff here, and provided some incredible backstory for Jupe... but then we learn next to nothing about Jupe in the present. He's eaten before he's ever developed as an adult, which makes the Gordy stuff just end up feeling like a waste of time. It also never seemed to have much of a tie to the Haywoods' story, which was the dominating part of the present day scenes. Also, the airborne being lost a lot of its effectiveness when it took on its new form in the final confrontation. I never understood why it transformed or what purpose that served. Also, the shoe...
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  7. Alone on Netflix was very good. Great tension and brilliantly done. More of a thriller but a wholly satisfying horror tone. Recommended.
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  8. I think/have read that the tie in is….

    the theme of animal cruelty/treating animals with respect. Throughout the movie we see people act aloof, ignorant or cruel to animals, Jupe is the worst offender as he’s actively feeding horses to the alien. Ultimately only the characters that respect animals, the Haywoods, survive the alien because they understand that they can’t control animals and need to interact with them on their terms - not showcase them for a paying audience or put them on the set of a tv sitcom with untrained actors around it. Jupe probably thought he had a relationship with the alien like he did with the chimpanzee (the fist bump). What he doesn’t think of is that the chimpanzee very well could have mauled him as soon as their fists touched, the chimp was shot before he knew what would happen next. Because of this Jupe has a misunderstanding of his relationship with wild animals and didn’t consider the danger he was putting himself, his family & the audience in when interacting with the alien.

    Also (I read) that Jupe is meant to be a tragic story as a result of not dealing with trauma in a healthy way. He clearly didn’t receive the help needed after the chimpanzee attack and has not dealt with the trauma that he experienced in a healthy way (eg instead of telling Em about what happened he joked it off and referred to the SNL skit, basically making the whole thing a joke). By not dealing with his trauma he did not learn to interact with animals in a responsible way which ultimately led to his death.

    I do agree that the alien/animals final form made it less terrifying, it did appear much more sinister in the original form
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  9. Wait.

    Didn't Angel survive? He wrapped himself in barbed wire and was spat out, I think. I want that beautiful man alive!
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  10. Yeah he did but my point was better if I ignored that fact haha!!

    Apparently Angel was supposed to die originally but Brandon Perea convinced Peele/the execs to let him live in case there was a sequel. Not him going full Tatum.
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  11. They tried to promote is as like 'early Peter Jackson,' but it was more like a cheap SYFY movie crossed with a Portuguese Troma film.

    I like that they tried to do old 80's practical effects, but for them to be really effective they have to be creative and inventive, not the same effects repeated over.

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  12. A modern day Troma film...
    No thankyou
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  13. Saw Prom Night 2 last night - it's been about 20 years since last time. It was a fun time! I had forgotten it doesn't take itself very seriously.

    That death in the locker room remains nasty though.

    I also saw The Dark Age recently and failed to realize the lead actor is the guy from Wolf Creek... Overall, it was a pretty good movie, but I wasn't prepared for the second half to be Free Willy.
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  14. Vastly underseen and underrated in my eyes, though seeing Alf from Home And Away throughout sent me a tad.
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  15. Watched a few random first time watches on Shudder:

    Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge- Morgan Fairchild, Pauly Shore (!) and a killer who does roundhouse kicks. Cheesy fun and mall horror is something that is always a decent time. Not great but fun.

    Slaughterhouse Rock- This movie actually had some rather decent directing and atmosphere. Alcatraz makes for a spooky setting, the guys are hot and it has Toni Basil (Hey Mikey!) in a rather fun role. A decent one time watch.
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  16. I'm so off horror lately, it's weird, so am re-doing the "classics" to relight the fire.


    Prom Night's dance scene continues to serve.

    Poor 6, stuck in a boxset with the two films that tried to erase its existence.
  17. Despite being all over the place tone-wise, with bumbling cops, brutal deaths & a genuinely scary conclusion, I thought The Wolf of Snow Hollow was pretty great. I think it’s the best werewolf movie of recent memory.

    Scream that the entire movie I thought the police were being idiots insisting it was a man and not an animal despite all the evidence to the contrary only for it to be true. The scene where the killer stands up to full height behind the door was rattling.
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  18. Yes to everything, especially the Spoiler-part!

    This and Late Phases are my favorite werewolf-movies this side of the century, possibly followed to Eight For Silver.
  19. Maybe I need to do this and would have naturally anyway as the weather cooled down come Sept, but I have been in such a horror rut. Have watched maybe two flicks in the last... 5 months?
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