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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. WAIT… eight discs?? How?
  2. BTG


    I’m assuming one 4K disc per movie (Curse, Curse: P Cut, H20 and Resurrection) and then a Blu-ray disc with special features for each also.
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  3. As much as I want Halloween: The Way of Water in 4K......

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  4. The Deep House was pretty claustrophobic and the haunted house underwater was an interesting change, but I just don’t think I find found footage movies entertaining anymore. The method just limits everything so much that once you’ve seen a handful of them you’ve seen them all.
  5. Watched Jamie Blanks's Storm Warning. A bit to nasty for my basic ass who prefers the slickness of his Urban Legend and Valentine yet overall was a good watch with some great gore.
  6. Finally saw Race With The Devil last night. A bit rough round the edges a’la The Hills Have Eyes but still a very creepy paranoid little thriller. The scene with the accident chilled my blood.
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  7. This has been on my must-watch list for years
  9. It's getting a cinema release in the UK
  10. Yeah it was gripping at first then ventured into very MEHH territory. I can't believe it got praises.
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  11. OMG Kween Esther is coming tomorrow onwards in my city.

    FUCK, lemme get them tickets!

  12. Prey is awesome.
  13. Yeah Prey is a pretty great survival film, beautiful cinematography too. I could have done without the couple of bits of comic relief, didn’t feel that they were necessary, but a fun Friday evening watch.
  14. Prey was a super fun popcorn movie with a few very memorable scenes, and stunning production design and cinematography. Worth a watch, though I'm hardly an expert on the series.
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  15. Prey was excellent. A real homage to the original. Simple but very satisfying.
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  16. Prey was really good! Much better than I had anticipated. I've seen people complain about the CGI, but I thought it only stood out in a negative way at one point. It's not overloaded with CGI anyway, and there are some practical effects as well. Being set in the 1700s and having a Native American character in the lead was really refreshing and worked to the movie's advantage. All complains about the character being a woman are invalid... Honestly, she could hold her own!

    It's not flawless. I found the dialogue to be a bit clunky at times (not many though). And I also have questions about a very important plot-point and how that actually would work.

    Not as good as the first Predator, maybe on par with the second (or slightly better/worse), but definitely better than the others. I'd watch it again!
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  17. I guess I’ll watch Prey tonight since I haven’t seen it!
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  18. Prey was fantastic. Charismatic protagonist, tight, focused concept, fast paced and brutal. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of the Predator franchise but this was an excellent little thriller.
  19. Watched The Black Phone tonight. Was cute, but essentially a rehash of Sinister with the same cast.
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