Horror films

The moment that Pink sing-along started, I knew I was in for one of the year’s most homophobic film experiences. While I can appreciate what the film was trying to do, it really missed the mark for me on almost every level and committed the most offensive horror movie crime: being downright boring.

Meanwhile, Prey was such a tight fun thrill ride. I did think the CGI was pretty atrocious, but the Predator itself was so damn cool & well done that I hardly cared about the rest.
The ending of They/Them is very….

A P!nk song?! I GUARANTEE no LGBT+ people are singing that.

Also...are we supposed to feel bad at the end? Like, she killed her ABUSERS and wanted to stop anyone else suffering the same way? Literally what is the problem there, were we all supposed to sing Kumbaya?
I, personally, enjoy both AVP’s for what they are. The first one is better plot wise, the second one has better fights between the two. I think most will say they’re not required viewing plus the second one was shot so dark you can only see it clearly if you watch it at 2am.

Predator, Predator 2 and Predators are all great though.
AvP 2 could have been dumb, gory fun if you could see what was happening. I can't believe they released it looking like that.

I did watch They/Them. It was the low expectations but it wasn't as awful as I was expecting. I wasn't bored at all but it was messy for sure. The use of TWO Pink songs is the opposite of gay empowerment though.

Also watched Nightbreed for the first time and it was a good movie with awesome practical effects yet wasn't really to my personal taste. The lead actor was easy on the eyes though and looks just like David Boreanez.