Horror films

Took myself to see Bodies Bodies Bodies yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I wasn't entirely sold on the trailers, concerned they were too focused on the comedy, but the film itself had a much better balance. While I wouldn't say it's scary at all, there is a fantastic sense of claustrophobic tension that runs throughout it - and I love a film that focuses on atmosphere over jump scares. It also is very funny, and I thought all the performances were fantastic. I'm not entirely sure it stuck the landing at the end, and would love to discuss that with anyone who has also seen it, but this was one of the more entertaining film experiences I've had this year.
I found Prey pretty boring not sure where these good reviews come from. Direction is not bad and some killing scenes are good but god that was poorly written. I’m so tired of the « underrated hero saves the day » trope too, I mean

I watched Black As Night without realising it was one of those Welcome to the Blumhouse productions which are generally pretty amateurish. It wasn’t awful but suffered from poor acting. Has anyone seen Nocturne with Sydney Sweeney? Is it worth a watch? It’s been on my list for a while but it’s another Blumhouse series movie so I’m not sure if I want to invest my time in it anymore.
I really enjoyed Prey. I thought the concept felt fresh and it was a satisfying watch, albeit predictable. We always love a strong female protagonist.

I felt it was worthy of a theatrical release, but it garnered Hulu’s biggest premiere numbers ever - so good for them!
I liked Prey. Wasn't blown away by it but I've never been super into Predator movies. I didn't like the cinematography it had that muddy, digital look I see a lot nowadays and it was a bit hard to make out the final fight scene. Solid flick overall though. I stan the dog.
I didn't hate They/Them but as a slasher movie it was a spectacular failure. I pegged the killer the very second they were introduced and how they'd situated themself there.

Some of the dialogue and delivery was a huge cringe and that bizarro Pink sing-a-long moment...?

I feel like they couldn't fully commit to horror or drama (or musical) so we got this weird mish-mash Mish/Mash, and it probably would've worked better as a miniseries.
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I watched Orphan for the first time last night. Esther is so funny. The Dad was seriously dense but he could absolutely have me. My ride-or-die is Queen Max for sure.

Honestly thought it was a bit of a slog for the first half. I loathe the "character is obviously right but everyone else is acting like she's crazy" trope but I powered through it.
I also just watched this. I really enjoyed it and looking forward to see the new one when it comes out.
Is They/Them on Hulu in the US? If so it normally means we get it on Disney + 'Star' in the UK. Even though the bad reviews, I am curious.