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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. No it’s on Peacock in the US. I don’t have that service but based on the very negative reviews of the movie in this thread it seems I don’t really need to get it for this release.
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  2. It's a weird film. In the same way the lead non-binary character doesn't subscribe to being labelled either male or female, the film itself seems adamantly against being either a horror or a drama.

    Hmm... Wonder if that was an intentional parity?
  3. I have Paramount in the UK, so we might get it soon. I buy quite a lot of the new slashers on Blu Ray but will watch this before as I might regret it.
  4. Caught Nope today and it was very well done. Even though the subplot backstory went nowhere but inform a side-character trait, I was madly engaged with it all. Vibes from Tremors throughout.

    The character in dungarees getting caught in barb wire has to be a reference to Tremors, right?
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  5. Nope was good. It may not be as good as Get Out or Us, but I have to let it sink in a bit.

    I'm happy I wasn't spoiled or saw/read anything about it beforehand. Afterwards, I saw a trailer and it shows way too much.
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  6. Thoroughly enjoyed Nope and liked it a lot more than Us
  7. Booked in to finally see Nope on Sunday

  8. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    I liked Nope, but it was nowhere near the seminal masterpiece I’d been lead to expect by…my own expectations, plus general online reaction.

    I really, really did not like that they actually succeeded in getting a photo of Jean Jacket in the end. The whole story up to that point was literally a cautionary tale against being reckless with dangerous creatures/situations to get a good video or photo, but by the end it feels like everyone has their cake and eats it too? I guess Holst did die, but that was such a fuckin dumb death that it honestly might as well have just not happened. It's especially dissonant given that the movie was totally unafraid to be cruel and macabre at other points.

    I definitely don't think it's a bad movie, and while I wouldn't call it particularly scary, it does have plenty of uncanny and disturbing imagery. It just lacks that final twist of the knife to drive home everything we'd seen up to that point.
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  9. Yeah...I was lost. They promoted it as a slasher with a twist, but it didn't have enough slash for me. I kept telling myself they were doing a good job of developing the characters and I was waiting for the slashing to start and it never did. I hate they tricked us with the marketing.
  10. Same. The second trailer gave away too much I gather, but I switched my movie brain off whenever it ran in my local cinema (a lot) so I never really did absorb enough of it for same movie brain to put it all together. A lot of online chat said that the second trailer spoiled what the mystery was, but then the film itself pretty much made it clear within the first 10 minutes what it was about, so I dunno. Haven't rewatched the trailer to see.
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  11. Nope was soo good and Keke Palmer was sensational.

    Alien’s final form design giving Bloodborne boss vibe.. she served
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  12. R.I.P. Missy Egan

  13. Not really spoiler territory, but when one of the first things she said was "sorry" we all added "to this man" under our breath, right?
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  14. GURLS, I don’t care what you do but you gotta hunt down SATAN’s SLAVE 2 by Indonesian director Joko Anwar. You might need to watch the first one for context but stand alone could be fine, I watched it stand alone and some plot I did have to Google to find out. I can’t believe I’m properly jumpy now. It’s been a good while since a great SE Asian horror film like this came along after Thailand’s Shutter!

    Everything looks very expensive and well done by the way.
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  15. Nope was a good film. Keke and Daniel are absolutely amazing. Extremely ambitious.

    The scene in the esophagus (?) and the absolute scream that woman let out… Jesus. The veiled lady… I felt so bad. It was like two minutes of complete terror, but Holt’s death flew by and that was that on that. It could have gone a bit harder on the horror aspect.
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  16. Eat Prey Love was fun! The Inspector Gadgetry of the Predator gets a bit over the top at times and the ending was a tad tew ridiculous, but the action was all great.
  17. Saved for future use. Sounds right up my alley. Horrify me with budget!
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  18. That scene still freaks me out.

    Get Out > Nope > Us. I adore all 3 though though and will always appreciate Peele putting Black faces in the genre I love.
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  19. nn Didn't expect this to appear here. Yes please check this out, it's good and anxiety-inducing. It's good as a stand-alone but if you want to enjoy the fun of speculating / theory, you should watch the excellent first movie too.
  20. Nope is maybe my favourite film of the year so far.

    I loved how the monster design was pulled together from all these historical references and legends like flying saucer sightings, alien abductions, blood rain, and biblical angels in its other form. The implication that it’s terrestrial rather than an alien and the species is the reason behind all those things was super cool. Just a really fun spin on the UFO trope.

    Attending the Star Lasso Experience like

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