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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. EXPECT IT because there are Azns here too! Dddd
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  2. Jesus Christ Julie James is even more of a charisma vacuum in IKWYDLS than I remember, truly one of the least interesting final girls ever. Queen Sarah is the true lead of the movie. The sequence of Julie rebutting Helen’s friendship, her dad straight up ignoring her, Elsa being a bitch as usual & then having her hair chopped off - girl was getting shat on from all angles for about 10 minutes.

    Julie does get a bit more likeable in I Still Know but I only managed 20 minutes before going to bed last night, it’s giving me something to look forward to after work today however.

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  3. The sequel is a bit of a mess but it's still fun with some rather good kills. Queen Brandy too.
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  4. BTG


    Julie getting upstaged by her best friends in both movies is iconic.

    I’m not sure why they did it but they play so much of that first movie off of Helen’s character that you can’t help but be underwhelmed when Julie takes over again in the last 20 minutes. From the moment with Julie in the car, Helen pretty much dominates. And that chase scene…

    And to a lesser extent, Brandy also gets given the best set piece chase in the sequel too.
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  5. BTG


    Orphan: First Kill getting raves (by horror standards) is not what I had expected.
    I’ve never been sold on a film more by just a few sentences.
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  6. Esther just keeps on winning, Damien whomst?

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  7. Living for how hot the new Predator is.
  8. I'm just watching this now, and now I want him!
  9. Rip my spine out and take my skull as a trophy daddy (he's probably younger than me).
  10. So happy Prey is very good, wonderful to look at, Amber Midthunder is superb, and it feels fresh and exciting. This is how you revitalise a franchise.

    Also, I'm happy it gets to join the Good For Her Cinematic Universe.

    (The bit where she pulls off his little face pincher made me gag)
  11. LOVED Prey on Disney Plus. My first Predator movie (we don’t talk about AVP, for which I was only there for the Aliens in any case) and I imagine the one I’d like best anyway. Beautifully constructed and great performances. And though it didn’t feel scary or tense to begin with it really built by the end - I was surprised. It was all buoyed by Amber Midthunder selling her arc so well.
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  12. Your first Predator movie? You haven't even seen the original?!
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  13. Nobody asked
  14. Nah. I’m an Alien girl through and through and never found the design of Predator or any media I encountered it in interesting or scary at all so never explored any further. And my go-to Arnie sci-fi was always Terminator. Prey’s made me want to go back and watch it just to say I have I guess.
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  15. And they won't deliver either...
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  16. I hate the Saw movies.
  17. Me too but the original Predator is such a brilliant classic. As great as the new one is, the original will always be top.
  18. The original Predator is to butch for me.
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