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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I used to see this 1987 film on VHS with a warning but was always too scared to rent it:

    "During the film you are about to see, you will be subject to subliminal messages and mild hypnosis.
    This will cause you no physical harm or lasting effect, but if for any reason you lose control or feel that your mind is leaving your body -- leave the auditorium immediately." -

    Very weird film within a film within a film (which makes it a bit confusing) from the director of Jamón Jamón.

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  2. I watched for Zelda as a kid and have seen it since but I don't remember anything about it at all. The same Spontaneous Combustion, I don't remember a thing about it (other than people on fire).
  3. It didn't have a strong plot and was quite surreal. Mandy is the film I have seen a few times and always forget exactly what happened. Every time it is like trying to remember a dream the next day.
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  4. When Ramona Mazura Singer is cast as their (much) younger sibling!
  5. Is this the one set inside a movie theater with something about eyes?
  6. Very excited to go see Orphan: First Kill this weekend, the first one is hands down one of my favourite twists ever.
  7. Just came back from Nope. Had no idea Barbie Ferreira was in it. Serving Ghost World to a 2022 audience - amazing.
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  8. Sam Levinson discussing series 2 of Euphoria:
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  9. Yes, the director made better films in the 90's, kinky films with dark humour. The style reminds me of Pedro Almodovar a little.
  10. Who here wrote this?

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  11. If anyone was wondering if Orphan: First Kill and Canada's Drag Race exist in the same universe... the character Gunnar is played by Synthia Kiss' younger brother.
  12. I'm really excited for this. Lovecraftian biz is my jam.
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  13. Orphan : First Kill isn't on Paramount Plus UK like the US but I have booked my tickets to go and see it Sunday at the cinema. Gonna see 'Nope' tomorrow. First time I have seen 2 films at the cinema over a weekend for years.
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  14. Finally got round to watching A Quiet Place Part II. I was expecting the story to move forward a bit, which it didn't and was effectively more of the same as what the first film delivered but it was still an enjoyable watch. Intrigued by the Day One prequel. That was probably my favourite part of the film.
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  15. Couldn't wait until Sunday, so we went to see 'Orphan First Kill' this evening. Loved it. It's a hard to follow up the brilliant original but they did a great job. When you think it's gonna be a rehash of the original to start with, and then it isn't.
  16. Not all of the components of Day Shift fully worked but it was a fun watch nonetheless. The action scenes & vampire fights were for sure the highlight. Dave Franco remains a snack.
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  17. The Night House is creepy. Caroline Polachek was really going through it.
  18. Orphan: First Kill invented CAMP
  19. Orphan 2 was a scream! Totally worth it. Julia Stiles was giving very Diane Lane. The first one became such a joy because of the surprise ending, which I didn’t think the new one would top, but the twist ended up being brilliantly delicious.
    Spoiler on end:
    My only complaint is the fire/roof moments at the end, which unfortunately showed the films … ahem, budget.
  20. Wait, Orphan 2 has Julia Stiles in it!? Now I HAVE to see it. I fucking love her and the first one was a kii.
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