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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Not only is she IN it, she IS it.
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  2. Pretty much steals the whole thing as Isabelle is excellent, so that was hard to do.
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  3. My only problems with it was the washed out cinematography which was not pleasing to my eyes and
    the final fight and the roof stuff wasn't all that. It was lacking energy the rest of the movie had
    The daddy was a DADDY though. Woof. Julia Stiles killed it. Give me more prequel, sequels, requels whatever. Lets keep this iconic franchise going!

    I really need a gif of Esther in the car, lightning a cig and putting on sunglasses....icon!
  4. It looked bad in the cinema but I overlooked as I was beaming from ear to ear.
    Oh yes indeed, although pure decoration but that was totally fine with me.

    Your 'Also' had the biggest laugh in the cinema, it was fabulous.
  5. I can’t wait to see the new orphan movie. I’ve read that they are open to making a 3rd one depending how this one does and only if Isabelle is involved.
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  6. Gunnar better work, honestly.
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  7. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Gave Firestarter (2022) a shot hoping it’d at least be a fun mess.

    Nothing fun about it at all. It honestly actually made me really angry. Not a single character had a consistent arc or set of beliefs (except one because the writers fridged her before they could drop the ball), the plot is the most meandering and uninspired I’ve seen in a horror movie since The Turning, and whatever the hell they were trying to do with that ending, they utterly failed.

    Oh and literally every villainous character (even down to unwitting envoys of the state) is non-white if you weren’t already put off enough.
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  8. Aware of what happened during season two of Euphoria, but genuinely interested though, what did you think of Nope?

    Especially given it was the third in a series of unrepresented horror films that finally gave the opportunity for minorities to lead in a horror film?
  9. Glorious was a blast. Cosmic horror done very well.
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  10. I saw Nope at the movies last night (because Michael Wincott's in it for more than 5 minutes) and, while it didn't stick the landing, it was much better than expected. The mixed reviews lowered my expectations a lot (also, I didn't like Us). The first half built up the tension really well and had absolutely two petrifying chapters. I don't scare easily, but those two chapters...

    The final act didn't hold up to the rest of the movie though. It didn't get bad, but it wasn't as good as what came before.

    And of course Michael Wincott had the dumbest death scene...

    I liked the last 10-or-so minutes though.

    Acting-wise, Keke Palmer and Brandon Perea stood out the most. They were really good in this!

    Before the movie, they showed the trailer to Smile and I did not anticipate that jump scare at the end of it. I mean, I knew there'd be some sort of jump scare, just... not that.
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  11. Watched The Astronaut's Wife with Charlize Theron and Johnny Depp. I can see why this one is never talked about. The most boring two hours of my life.
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  12. Watching Tombs of the Blind Dead on Shudder and the plot is a scream! Lady runs into creepy tombs after ha lesbian affair in college stresses her out. The visuals are genuinely spooky as well. Sorry I took this long to watch.
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  13. Still have to wait another week and a half until Orphan First Kill comes out here. Life is meaningless until I get to see queen of pop Esther's new shenanigans!
  14. Finally managed to watch Nope and I have to say I really liked it! It doesn't reach the highs of Us, but I did like it better than Get Out, so that's two very good and one great film from Peele so far. It does veer into sci-fi x human drama territory most of the time, but that wasn't a problem at all. It starts out rather slow, but once the antagonist shows up, it gets going and is a ride, and all the actors were stellar, especially Keke. The boyfriend hated it, though.

    However, I'm very conflicted about the message of the film...
    All through the story, I thought the film was about humanity's attempt to control and tame everything on this planet, and how humans should NOT fuck with the planet as it is a much stronger force and sooner or later it will beat our asses. Which makes sense until they... actually manage to exploit the creature and kill it? I think letting the characters get away while the alien stays there to protect its habitat would have been a much cleverer ending, and it would have supported my environmentalist reading of the film better.
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  15. I started an O2phan thread. Because surely the discussion will inevitably consume this thread!
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  16. I'm hoping Cineworld (owner of the two nearest multiplexes to me) stays solvent long enough for me to see another horror! I couldn't go this weekend as I had a ton of things to do.
  17. Yes it was quite murky and dark at times, especially the start at the institution. It got a bit better after that thankfully.
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  18. Our local one have just built an IMAX, a lot of money spent if they go bust. I saw both 'Orphan' and 'Nope' there this weekend (the 2D part) and it's being beaten by our new local 'Picturehouse' for Cinema experience. They would seriously need to improve their Cinemas to be saved. Orphan was only half full on the day of release at our local. It was the earlier showing though. I think some will be put off by the reviews of the picture quality I saw on the website.
  19. Just thinking about how iconic I Still Know What You Did Last Summer is, and how lucky we are to have been bestowed it by the cinema goddesses.
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  20. Finally got around to watching Men. I did like the first half with it's slow build of dread more then the craziness that comes later. Overall it was a good movie, Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear were excellent.
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