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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. That kid is such an unlikeable actor. Too bad Homelander didn't eviscerate him.

    Woman up and watch the original with subtitles, MEN.
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  2. I mean, let’s not forget that he’s a child.
  3. Bodies x3 was... a mess. It felt like they were just ad-llibing and making stuff up as they went. After the second death I guessed the "twist". Also, the most likable character being the podcasting queen was not what I expected!
  4. Uno


    Finally the Karla Wilson spin-off we've been begging for.
  5. BTG


    The Branaissance continues!
  6. Little Glassbreakers we're MOVING!
  7. Did we talk about Evil Dead Rise apparently doing well in test screenings so the film is being moved to a theater premiere next year?
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  8. From now on this is a The Front Room stan account.
  9. BRANDY NORWOOD AS A SCREAM QUUEN AGAIN? Excuse me, I need some herbal tea to calm myself down.
  10. Such great news, the 2013 one was a great cinema ride.

    We should maybe also talk that the Salem's Lot redo, now doesn't have a release date!
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  11. Ok, damn, that one apparently is bad!
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  12. Well this looks like it could be a lot of fun:

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  13. Saw Bodies Bodies Bodies this week. My first time going to a theatre since 2019. I was gonna wait till it ended up on streaming but after all the controversy these past couple weeks surrounding it, I had to go support this so called "95min advertisement for cleavage" dd. Which is even more ridiculous of a statement after having watched it.

    Anyway, despite this movie having a lot of my favourite things in it, like campy comedy horror, lesbians, a hyperpop soundtrack and some of my favourite actresses right now, it kinda fell a bit short I feel. Like I didn't hate it or anything but it wasn't as good as I was expecting. The writing was all over the place, the pacing felt off, and like I know the dialogue was supposed to be purposefully cringe but much of it really didn't land for me unless it was coming out of Rachel Sennott's mouth dd. Like the "you're upper middle class" and the "libra moon" bit were the two times where I genuinely laughed out loud.

    Other thoughts:
    Pete Davidson is so damn annoying to me, like I swear he just plays himself in every movie. I'm so glad his character was the first to die so I didn't have to endure him for very long dd.

    I was very confused about Jordan's storyline. Like was she lying about Sophie cheating or not? She lied about the gun and it really bothered me how no one pointed that out when she pulled it out.

    Also I knew where they were going with that car mirror light thing but is that even possible? I feel like every car i've ever been in the mirror light turns off when you turn off the engine or lock the car?
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  14. I'd meant to read this book for ages, this looks great
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  15. If it’s even half as good as the novel, it’s gonna be spectacular
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  16. I loved the book, so I’m very excited by this. Kinda sad it’s not getting a proper theatrical release but it looks promising.
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  17. Rewatching The Babadook and it’s as great as I remember.

    However, does anyone else have such visceral reactions to animal violence? Doesthedogdie.com should be my home page.
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