Horror films.

Diana Dors in From Beyond The Grave is a whole mood...

Is it the best Amicus Horrors, maybe so (and it also feels a bit more expensive than the rest).
Wonderful poster as well
I watched two films from 1981. Funhouse which was very coked up/hazy but I enjoyed it much more this time. It looks good visually. I like the Dean Koontz novelisation too. I think I read a Richard Laymon book that was similar as well.

Then I watched Evilspeak which I liked more despite starring Clint Howard who in kind of funny looking, he was a school kid wearing a toupée... It's kind of funny that is was so controversial and banned because of it's Satanic themes when it is quite silly and camp at times. Lots of fun decapitations!

Are we excited about the new Kevin Williamson slasher Sick? It's getting pretty good reviews


The anticipation of what is inevitably coming is absolutely delightful, but the payoff is even better. In the post-screening Q&A at TIFF, Williamson mentioned his love of chase scenes in horror and John Hyams, whose film Alone is a masterclass in tense set pieces, is the perfect director to bring that vision to life. Fans of the chase sequences in Williamson’s Scream 2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer are in for a treat. As soon as the masked assailant shows up, the chase is on and it doesn’t let up for the rest of the film. It’s a white knuckle adrenaline rush as the action covers the whole house, the woods outside, the floating raft on the lake and everything in between.

It sounds like he wrote it for us girls here.
Did a double feature last night, first I watched The Wretched which I thought was pretty solid. The teen melodrama was weak but it had some good scares, practical effects & the stakes were actually high for the characters which was nice, a lack of peril is usually my main issue with haunting movies. I also liked it was a witch, it lent itself to some really creepy visuals, but wish that she had remained more mythical than animalistic as the movie went on.

I then watched The Empty Man which is pretty much if a Girls Aloud song was turned into a horror movie? I felt like I was watching three different movies mixed together. Overall it maybe had one too many elements which made it a bit over cooked & the ending didn’t live up to the rest of the story but I did thoroughly enjoy the ride. The bonfire scene was my highlight.
Liv Tyler doesn’t get enough credit for being a big part of the reason the original is so effective. She has such a gentle, ethereal aura, and is someone you can’t bear to see hurt. I know the film was inspired by the Tate-LaBianca murders and I remember reading Liv was partially cast because of the director’s desire for a Sharon Tate-like presence. I think they nailed it.

Plus, I liked that the film was centered around adults in their 30s. Going with the stereotypical teenage lead for the sequel is part of the reason it fell flat for me. Admittedly I haven’t seen Madelaine Petsch act in much, but pulling from the cast of Riverdale doesn’t inspire much confidence.