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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Has Smile been discussed? Because mawma, I just came back from the cinema and I was GOOPED AND GAGGED. The absolute madness that it descended into towards the end. And the director really said,
    YOU WANTED A HAPPY ENDING?! Well let me tell you something, YOU'RE NOT GONNA GET IT!

    Great film not without flaws but a solid 7/10. This year has been so good for horror.

    Sosie Bacon who plays the lead should get an award. SHE WAS ACTING!
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  2. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Literally on the bus to see it now (alone ddd). I’m still not great with jumpscarey horror movies but I’m determined to see this one through.
  3. Oh honey, brace yourself! He tried numerous times to get me with the scares but there was one I didn’t see coming and I just screamed like a whore in the cinema. Ddd
  4. You're right. They do have that perfect autumn atmosphere. I bought the new 4K of The Amityville Horror and the fall leaves just pop on screen. Gorgeous.

    I still want to get the 3D Blu Ray of Part 3 but it's hard to find. I wish I had purchased the Shout box set a few years ago (I love 3D, too).
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  5. There was one in the trailer that almost killed me. I knew there would be some kind of jumpscare - I just didn't anticipate that.
  6. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Yuuup, there were at least three that totally got me. They’re all well-executed, but I do feel like the ratio of jumpscares to full-frontal freaky shit was very skewed. Not even that scene made my jaw drop to the floor like Men and Malignant did.
  7. That scene was good tho I WAS SHOOK. I think this director is one to watch since he screenwrote Smile as well.
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  8. Decided to watch the 2022 installment of Texas Chainsaw Masacare tonight;

    Honestly was surprised how watchable it turned out. The film's biggest sin is the lack of earned tension; what really is a Texas Chainsaw entry without desolate, unrelenting suspense? Also, Sally's Laurie Strode yassifying should've stayed buried in the early drafts.

    One of the film's strengths is Sarah Yarkin, she carried the entire film's emotional weight and did it with a PERM!--did anyone check Elsie Fisher's pulse before yelling action; her performance was as lifeless as a cardboard box left out in the pelting rain.

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  9. Watching the 4K of I Know What You Did Last Summer and it looks and sounds amazing. Love this movie so much. It brings back a lot of memories.
  10. 'Bodies Bodies Bodies' was pretty good. It wasn't afraid to take it's time to build what was going to happen. You got to know these (mostly unlikeable) characters, which was important. You just need to go with it and have no expectations to appreciate it fully.

    'Fall' was very good, if somewhat predictable. The tension was great and I think it helped it wasn't all green screen. The tension seemed genuine.
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  11. Just watched Bodies Bodies Bodies and I was kinda like.....thats it? It was fine but I don't get the love.
  12. Finally caught up with The Black Phone. I was not particularly impressed, and the only horror was in the child-beating.
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  13. So the Goodnight Mommy remake is…a thing that exists…

  14. Erm, Speak No Evil - A RIDE!

    Oh wow, that movie just flew by like that as it got more and more
    depraved. I want more!

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  15. Finally saw Bodies Bodies Bodies after losing interest when the trailer appeared in front of at least eight movies I went to see and it began to annoy me more and more each time (the dialogue in the trailer shots seemed to be stitched from random gen z tweets) but then the comments here, and having a free saturday morning changed my mind and I gave it a shot.

    I didn't hate it, it ended up being enjoyable for what it was but I probably won't watch it again. I thought it had a lot to say about a lot of "gen z" concerns but they coulda picked their battle and stuck to a main one? The reveal about the killer

    that there is no killer, kinda annoys me but also, to be contrary I kinda admire that moxie

    Also, I know it's a recognised trope in horror to cast people a bit older than teenagers to play doomed teenagers, but Pete Davidson is about 5 years too old to even do that. Clearly the guy in his forties was cast to make Pete look a bit younger.
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  16. I agree that Pete is a bit too old but they clearly were supposed to be like mid-20s, not teenagers. Like there were multiple conversations about where some of the characters went to college.
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  17. On Friday I watched the original Halloween on Netflix. I planned on watching more only to discover they’ve all gone apart from H20. Why… in October?
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  18. Homophobic

    (The Farm stuff is the best part of 5... a shame they didn't base it all there)
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  19. Smile was WILD but Sosie Bacon was absolutely fantastic.
  20. At least the best movie of the franchise is still there.
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