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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I watched Butterfly Kisses last night after seeing it mentioned here and it's pretty impressive. Definitely creepy in parts and the folklore is fun, but it's mostly fascinating for how it portrays the deludanoid who inherits the found footage. The scene at the radio station where people are calling in to drag his film is its own genre of horror.
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  2. Love this one. I highly recommend that you check out The Lost Footage of Leah Sullivan next, if you liked that one.
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  3. Finally watching Night School for the first time.
    Pros - The budget of it all for a 1981 slasher, the gialli looking killer, the predatory lesbian headmistress, Leonard Mann being hot and the turtle nibbling on the submerged head,

    but, they couldn't afford one decent beheading effect on camera, the killer transports themselves, why did they put hair in the stew, there isn't a decent chase scene and most of all, Rachel Ward gives off "smell the fart" level of acting vibes.
    Quite enjoyable though a little pedestrian, why it was banned I'll never know
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  4. I file this alongside Jan de Bont's The Haunting--a movie I know I should hate, but I just can't.
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  5. It does suffer a little bit from being too 80s detective show but it's fun none the less.
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  6. Night School needed a little more energy but I enjoy it. The lead is not strong enough overall.
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  7. Funny, I watched this for the first time tonight and had an absolute blast with it. The scene where they realised they were barricaded into the theatre & the collective group meltdown when they discovered the secret room behind the wall had me screaming. The entire motorbike sequence & the ending were hysterical too, so much fun.
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  8. My Best Friend's Exorcism was cute.....Elsie Fisher was the weak link yet again.
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  9. Reviews are starting to come in for Hellraiser and my body is ready for the sights they have to show me.
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  10. Yes, this was very cute. I was never a fan of 'Jennifer's Body', but this hit the right notes.
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  11. Oh I hated My Best Friend’s Exorcism after the great trailer left me with pretty high expectations. The tone was all over the place and I just don’t feel like it knew what it wanted to be at any point. I never laughed and I was never scared; I’m not sure what I was supposed to feel.
  12. I'm getting horror vibes from this
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  14. I love his Top Fives. Candyman is the rightful winner, what a dish.
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  15. Darn tootin'! His voice alone could probably rumble me over the edge.
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  16. Netflix put all of the FD movies and last night i powered through 4 and 5. 4, i always found as shit but oh boy, 5 has aged out quite badly. The main guy and most of the cast can not act and every line of dialoge these cliche characters brought so many cringe on me.

    "This is Candiace, she is the girlfriend of this budget Tom Cruise guy we found on the street and SHE REALLY LIKES GYMNASTICS"

    "This is the chauvinist pig. Every line has to feed that image"

    Just give it up deelishis.

    At least the deaths were kind of cool, especially the first "non premonition" one on the fifth. I will watch the first three but they were more high caliber than these last two for sure. Mary Elizabeth carrying the third one on her own. Icon.
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  17. I'm planning a rewatch of Come True before this Halloween, even if it didn't stick the landing with that ending. I'm just a sucker for that eerie, nostalgic, 80s-leaning ambience and the soundtrack (by Pilotpriest and Electric Youth of "A Real Hero"/Drive fame) absolutely slaps - I still listen to "Lost Girl", "Forgiven", etc. on a regular basis.

  18. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Yes!!! Forgiven is one of my favourite pieces of film score of all time, absolutely immaculate vibes.
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  19. Slaxx was better than it had any right to be. What a fun ride that never overstays it’s welcome.
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  20. A lot of fun
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