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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I think what we can all celebrate is what a great year for horror this has been, regardless of personal taste. We got X, Pearl, Scream 5, Orphan: First Kill, Barbarian, Smile, Terrifier 2...really something for all the girlies.

    Also, I'm watching Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 for the first time and...is this actually a great movie? It's genuinely funny with some touching character interactions so far. Only 30 minutes in but I'm a bit shocked at how good it is?
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  2. My top 5 of the year would be something like Scream, Orphan: First Kill, Hellraiser, Nope and Black Phone.

    I still need to see Barbarian, Smile and Pearl.

    Do I need to watch the original Terrifier in order to watch 2?
  3. I'd say Pearl will likely launch right into that top 5 and no, you'll get the idea of Terrifier pretty quickly.
  4. BTG


    Hello Mary Lou is everything. When she had sinful relations with many boys, many times? Queen.

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  5. I really need Shout! Factory to give Prom Night 2 a nice Blu-Ray release. It’s great!
  6. My horror picks for the year would be

    Orphan First Kill
    Bodies Bodies Bodies (if counts)
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  7. Oh Hello Mary Lou is amazing cinema. If anyone disagrees


  8. - now why wasn't the movie more like this?
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  9. It is in my top 10 films I need in HQ or Blu-Ray, I love it. Prom Night the original is boring, the sequel is a camp classic imo.
  10. Yeah the upload of Prom Night 2 on Shudder looks directly ripped from a VHS! Scan lines and everything. Not going to lie, it sort of added to the appeal.
  11. My top 10 of the year:

    1. Scream
    2. Pearl
    3. Watcher
    4. Nope
    5. Orphan: First Kill
    6. Hellraiser
    7. X
    8. Resurrection
    9. Smile
    10. Bodies Bodies Bodies
  12. Orphan: First Kill really surprised me. So good and the return of Julia Stiles was everything.
  13. I’m watching Wolf (1995) because if there’s one thing I’m obsessed with it’s these relatively high-budget, glossy major studio movies with huge stars attached (Michelle Pfeiffer and Jack Nicholson, in this case) that make absolutely zero enduring pop culture impact and become completely lost in time, even to those that are usually pretty well-versed in these things. Like, I never even knew this movie existed up to a week ago.

    It’s kind of easy to see why this one dropped like a stone - it’s pitched as a horror movie but we inexplicably get a whole bunch of publishing house politics? With a bit of romance on the side. It’s so weird. Not even bad, but it begs the question - who was this movie made for ddd
  14. Paramount+ in the UK has several Friday the 13th films. I'd only ever really seen the first (original) and the start of the second one, and I have vague memories of watching Jason Takes Manhattan 25ish years ago. Annoyingly they don't have part III though. I didn't know Corey Feldman had ever appeared in this series! He's such an 80s icon, appearing in so many classic films of that era. The older Tommy in part 5 looks about 30 though! How old is he meant to be?! I think he's meant to be a teen but the actor is way older (like in all horror films pretty much!).
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  15. As derivative and ludicrous as it can get, Smile... might be my favourite film of the year, dd. I watched it a third time at the cinema on Saturday - my friend was traumatised.

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  16. I haven't watched a lot of recent horrors because honestly they've not grabbed me and a lot of them were just average. Off the top of my head I'd rank them...

    Scream 5
    Bodies Bodies Bodies
    The Black Phone
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  17. I wanted Smile to be amazing. I've been waiting so long to see it. But it didn't do much for me sadly.

    Brilliant lead performance, but really light on tension and scares for me. It was just a bit nothingy.
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  18. He's supposed to be about 16 in Part V and 25 in Part VI.

    Part 2 is everything. Ev. Ry. Thing. There is no better slasher pic.
  19. Part 2 was indeed brilliant. The opener, despite having seen it before, shocked me and made me jump! As part 3 isn't on Paramount, I assume that's where Jase gets his iconic hockey mask as in part 2 he wears a sack on his head and in part 4 he has the mask.
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