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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. That's right. Definite quality change as they shot in 3D and moved from New England to California. But the disco theme is a genuine bop and the raucous overacting from everyone, especially the final girl, is Acorn Antiques level hilarious.

    "Wasn't this door closed a few minutes ago?"
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  2. I suppose it was made for child-me. I absolutely loved Wolf growing up, and watched in countless times in my pre-teens.

    It wasn't as good when I watched it again a few years ago, but I still feel nostalgic about it. Kind of want to watch it now...
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  3. I’ve never seen Wolf, but I distinctly remember the poster being all over Blockbuster for like six months.
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  4. 'Wolf' is OK but it does suffer from being a bit pompous. At the time of it's release, having such big stars for a horror film of this type, there is a little too much effort to make it reputable rather than good old fashioned fun. I still enjoy it though.
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  5. Wolf is just this scene
    made feature length, but boring
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  6. What is this shoddy re-purposed Arachnophobia artwork??

  7. I sensed Friday the 13th Part 2 discussion and got here as fast as I could. It is indeed maybe the best slasher ever? It is still creepy, at times scary, and improves on the original. Right up there with Just Before Dawn and The Burning in the Slasher All Stars Hall of Fame.
  8. BTG


    Those brown panties! Sexy Mark!
  9. Generally I'm so very bored by the Friday franchise and don't have any motivation to watch any of it ddddd.
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  10. I love that Terry calls to Muffin, a small lap dog, but looks directly into the camera, which is bobbing at around six feet from the ground at Jason-height.

    And let's just catch up with Scott in more recent times
  11. The color gradient gives me Beetlejuice too.
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  12. Not Andrew Christian underwear though. POLICE!!!!
  13. Black Christmas
    Friday The 13th Part 2
    Just Before Dawn
    The Burning
    My Bloody Valentine
    The House On Sorority Row
    A Nightmare In Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
    Stage Fright
    Scream 2

  14. I'm now on Part VI - Jason Lives. Lolz at the James Bond gun barrel type sequence in this one!
  15. 10/10
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  16. Jason X is amazing. Just sayin'.

  17. Uno


    Here to post my annual "Jason X is the best of the franchise" hot take.
  18. Those that get it, get it!
  19. The fact Resident Evil and Jason X came out within a week of each other in the UK

    This 16 year old closeted faggette WON
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  20. I mean, this is ART.
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