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Part 2 was indeed brilliant. The opener, despite having seen it before, shocked me and made me jump! As part 3 isn't on Paramount, I assume that's where Jase gets his iconic hockey mask as in part 2 he wears a sack on his head and in part 4 he has the mask.

That's right. Definite quality change as they shot in 3D and moved from New England to California. But the disco theme is a genuine bop and the raucous overacting from everyone, especially the final girl, is Acorn Antiques level hilarious.

"Wasn't this door closed a few minutes ago?"
I’m watching Wolf (1995) because if there’s one thing I’m obsessed with it’s these relatively high-budget, glossy major studio movies with huge stars attached (Michelle Pfeiffer and Jack Nicholson, in this case) that make absolutely zero enduring pop culture impact and become completely lost in time, even to those that are usually pretty well-versed in these things. Like, I never even knew this movie existed up to a week ago.

It’s kind of easy to see why this one dropped like a stone - it’s pitched as a horror movie but we inexplicably get a whole bunch of publishing house politics? With a bit of romance on the side. It’s so weird. Not even bad, but it begs the question - who was this movie made for ddd

I suppose it was made for child-me. I absolutely loved Wolf growing up, and watched in countless times in my pre-teens.

It wasn't as good when I watched it again a few years ago, but I still feel nostalgic about it. Kind of want to watch it now...
'Wolf' is OK but it does suffer from being a bit pompous. At the time of it's release, having such big stars for a horror film of this type, there is a little too much effort to make it reputable rather than good old fashioned fun. I still enjoy it though.
Wolf is just this scene

made feature length, but boring