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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Totally understand this, I just meant that it seemed to be going for a horror comedy vibe as it was so over the top.
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  2. This makes no sense
  3. Flashback to the 90s when we commonly used to have to wait 6+ months to see films.

    Getting I Know What You Did Last Summer at Christmas was a real highlight.
  4. This is so weird. There's a strong possibility they'll already be running promo for MaXXXine by that point.

    On another note, most people would have lied very quickly, while sat next to the star of the movies. Not Mia Goth apparently. Her accent and voice somehow make this even funnier.

  5. I wish more actors and musicians were this honest about stuff they're just not into.
  6. How did I only discover Mia was British (?) from that interview
  7. To be fair, the US got it in October (leaving the following summer wide open for Halloween H20’s release), which is only slightly more appropriate.
  8. When Twitter said she speaks like a rich sickly Victorian child

  9. She does seem like an extra from Oliver! (the musical, not the film so it's a bit more glam).
  10. Wait what?? I was sure it was 'the biggest July 4th' opener ever.

    I remember H20 getting an August release with the tagline 'this summer, terror won't be taking a vacation' ...for a film set in the fall.

    Urban Legend was definitely one we waited a good six months for. I was crying out for that and Ms Witt did not disappoint.
  11. Yeah ... Last Summer was October (US) and December (UK) and Urban Legend was September (US) and February (UK).
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  12. Friday the 13th part whatever: New Blood was a bit shit. Trying to make it Carrie vs Jason didn't really work. The awful girl getting an axe to the head was a good bit though.
  13. Oh Melissa was so fabulously evil!

    That one should’ve been so much better but they cropped all the grue out. The low res cut footage was brutal.
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  14. Maddy was my fave! She reminds me of a young Linda Hunt.
    Moving on, the audacity of part VIII being called Jason Takes Manhattan when the first hour is on a boat and not on Manhattan! They tricked us with the typical Noo Yawk street punks up to no good at the start making me think this one would feel different and not be by water, only to set it mostly by water. And lolz at the scene where Tamara (who looks about 30 - standard) tries to seduce the principal and rather than him saying 'what the fuck are you doing, get dressed you hussy" she somehow manages to pin him down on the bed and make out with him before he manages to shake her off!
  15. BTG


    It’s December.


  17. BTG



  18. It’s at this time of year that I like to remember the original horror movie performance robbed of an Oscar nomination (give or take Deborah Kerr obviously)…

    Margot Kidder
    Best Actress In A Supporting Role
    Black Christmas
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