Horror films.

It’s shameful but I’ve never seen this!
I had seen half of it on Film4 years back, and didn't like it, god knows why
Today I watched it all the way through and its a classic in my eyes.
So dark.

Conversely, Jaws 2 was the reason I learnt to waterski.

But I always think about it when I’m bobbing in the water waiting for the boat to go.

The fact the BBC used to show the Jaws films at like 6pm back in the day.
Even 8 year old didn't get why the woman in the boat poured petrol over herself to try and kill lil old Jawsy
Jaws is a masterpiece. Period. Jaws 2 is great though. I was at the right age for it to appeal to when it came out. Those were the what the kids I knew growing up, so it had some relatability. I can understand that a more adult audience who loved the original found it disappointing. Although it doesn't quite capture the magic of the original, it's still the second best shark film.
I remember hearing that the girl at the start of Jaws (I think it's the first one?), who gets pulled under the water, had something strapped around her so the crew could pull her down and make it look realistic but when they did it, it was too forceful and actually broke her rib. So when she's screaming she's actually in real pain. That scared me more than anything at all.
The entire Jaws franchise is iconic for me. 1 and 2 are legit great. 3 and 4 are so bad they are great.


I watch Jaws 2 more as I find it more accessible and the third act isn't just three straight guys bullying that poor gay shark, but the original is clearly a masterclass in tension, action, horror, drama, and even comedy.

The Shallows also deserves some love here. It's totally ridiculous, but so fucking exciting. All those Shark Attack, Shark Zone, Sharknado, Shark in Venice, Shark Exorcist, Swamp Shark, Snow Sharks, Ghost Shark cheapies are the ones stopping us ever getting another proper Jaws-level high-end movie.
I watched all four Jaws films a few months ago in a marathon, having only seen the first one years and years ago. I remember being shocked at how much I enjoyed The Revenge, and thinking whilst it has its problems, it definitely doesn’t deserve to belong in the same category as 3!!
I wonder if any UK horror hunties are old enough *cough* @Anjoel40 *cough* to remember the Jaws 3D Shredded Wheat boxes with the glasses and 3D comic strips on the back?
Yes, I remember those. Shredded Wheat was more an adult cereal but we got them specifically for the glasses. I actually won tickets in a local newspaper to go see Jaws 3D, but upon release the film was a 15 and I was too young (10). My sister went instead and crapped herself. She cried apparently.

I remember those crisps too, they were like Wheat Crunchies. I think there was also a small candy dispenser. It had a shark lid and it's mouth flipped up to reveal the small brick shaped sweets (like refreshers).