Horror films

I watched Black Cadillac yesterday.

The twist/revelation of the killer was so lame given the film has 4 characters in it and 3 of them are the goodies.

Malignant not 5 stars?

The Lair was rather unremarkable. Dreadful script, dodgy accents and the monsters look like men in rubber suits half the time. On the plus side, some hot men and I was rather entertained for the second half (cheesy as it was).
he/him/basic cishomo
I think I'm gonna play a movie today in my room on my massive DVD player from 2003, and Sony Trinitron TV from 1776. Hopefully I can find something good in town!
We watched Unwelcome at the cinema tonight, which (finally) came out this week after multiple delays. The premise: a couple move into a house in Ireland that just so happens to inhabit murderous goblins at the bottom of the garden.

Was good fun!
I'll definitely get the Blu Ray then. I don't remember hearing much about it before.

It was released here as I'm Still Waiting for You around 2001-ish. I had an imported NTSC VHS copy of it under the original title for reasons unknown.

Yes. The best bit was when one of them corrected another’s grammar after having said he “didn’t see something good”.

I literally remember this scene! They're being chased by a maniac and find time to debate correct adjective usage.