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Does anyone remember this from the early 2000s. The main thing I remember is the main guys amazing chest. Nothing special but a decent watch from what I remember. I have the DVD somewhere in storage.

Cool cover for what’s a mediocre slasher. Speaking of mediocre slashers from the early 2000’s I was obsessed with Shredder (2003) when I was a kid. Kind of appears that one may be lost to time now.

I looooove Shredder - cheap and cheerful! Incidentally one of the actors is in both that and Lovers Lane.

Does anyone remember this from the early 2000s. The main thing I remember is the main guys amazing chest. Nothing special but a decent watch from what I remember. I have the DVD somewhere in storage.


Vague memories; their “ee-i-ee-i-o” song - it’s listed as a spin off from the Children of the Corn series for reasons unknown.
I watched Censor (2021) last night, absolutely loved the ‘Video Nasties’ aspect, it seemed like a love letter to movies of that time period. But I can’t help but feel there was more to explore, perhaps it was a little under-written in general. Kind of like there’s a piece missing which prevents the movie from hitting the highs it could. Overall it was good for a one time watch.
Saw Infinity Pool last night and really enjoyed it. Mia Goth continues to be magnetic, the whole cast were great in this. Some really grotesque sequences without overdoing it & a deeply unnerving atmosphere that doesn’t let up at all. I was a fan & will definitely be looking out for the directors next film after the one two punch of Possessor & this.

Usually I don’t find kids creepy but the scene of the kid strangling the main character with the sadistic smile on his face creeped the fuck out of me.
I didn't love Infinity Pool, but I enjoyed it. It wasn't as great as Possessor, but it's worth seeing if you enjoy arthouse horror. It was very surreal and one of those films that you leave the theater feeling a bit detached from reality. Mia Goth, of course, was the best part about it.
I got through about 12 minutes of Skinamarink and just couldn't do it. Definitely seems like you have to be in the mood for this one and tonight wasn't the night. Let me watch Demons 2 again.
Took me 3 times to watch. You definitely have to be ready do all the work yourself. You are basically given nothing. If you take your mind back to childhood, when you were trying to get a to sleep at night, seeing shapes and patterns in the dark, it might work. That's how I got there anyway.
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My TV store has finally registered Shudder as an app, so I'll be giving it a go tonight.
I had no idea they had a Giallo section on there, so there's plenty of other material to watch there too.

Has anyone given Shudder's Creepshow series a try? It's so camp and ridiculous.
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Despite Knock at the Cabin having me cry during one of the scenes, it was an average movie. They made a lot of changes from the book and actually removed a lot of the thrilling/ twisty parts, which is surprising considering the director. Ben Aldridge was excellent in it though!

I'm glad they didn't kill Wen off like the book because I would've had a full-on meltdown, but the movie definitely could've used a classic M Night twist to add more of memorability to it.
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Yeah saw Knock at the Cabin last night and it's a complete dud. It's a build-up with no pay-off in the end. No twists. No explanations. The acting is good but it's not enough to save the one-note, paper-thin plot. Easily one of Shyamalan's worst imo.
Worse than the one where the plants told everyone to kill themselves?
Hahaha... Believe it or not, that (as awful as it is) is still a better plot than Knock. Knock has better acting though so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
There's nothing to explain why it's the "end of the world" so everything that happens is inconsequential. The trailer gives away the entire movie.
I’ve given up giving Shyamalan's movies the benefit of the doubt. And I say that as someone who found Old to be fairly an enjoyable mess. He’s just lost it.
I just can't forgive him for The Last Airbender.

His concepts are often really interesting and would make great movies on paper, but his execution is consistently off.
I can't speak for his TV series though, as I haven't seen it. Anybody watching Servant?