Horror films.

Bodies Bodies Bodies sucked sucked sucked.

Given the female production team, I was kinda surprised that it leant deeply into this 'girls are stupid and irrational' vibe I'd expect from some low-end $5 bargain bin thing calle Girl on Girl Sleepover Massacre.

That twist was waaaay too little too late given how boring 90 minutes of people wandering around in the dark was. Points only for that argument scene near the end.
In that case, please share, because I read an interview with the director afterwards that confirmed I'd understood what they were going for.
Girl bye. Bodies Bodies Bodies was an absolute blast, if you get it you get it if you know you know.

Debating seeing Knock At The Cabin tonight…is it worth it?

If you don't watch it, you aren't really missing much tbh. I would place it near the bottom of the list of M Night Shyamalan films. Some good performances from the actors but thats the only credit I can give it.
I really liked Knock At the Cabin, as did the 3 friends I went with, I liked it a lot more than I expected to. (and I feel bad for complaining about Bautista's line deliveries after doing a screen check before I watched the whole thing, his line readings make much more sense in context)

I went in with low expectations but thought Knock At The Cabin was great…?

It was very simple but effectively done and the performances were very strong. I found plane scene really chilling.

Yes, that scene was so good. Mine was the beach scene - it reminded me a little of the Birthday Party scene from Signs
I saw 'Knock At The Cabin' yesterday and also enjoyed it, mostly for the 7 main performances. They were all very solid and kept me hooked. There also were some beautiful shots in- and outside the cabin.

Ironically, for a Shyamalan movie, it could've used a twist to make the story a bit more memorable.
Finally got around to watching X and Pearl this week. Was holding off specifically on X because I thought it was going to be extra graphic and my fiancé has struggled lately with certain levels of graphic violence, so I was pleasantly surprised that neither went over the edge in that regard. They were appropriately gross and fun!

Little more needs to be said about Mia Goth’s performance, especially in Pearl, but damn is she good. That monologue! And I was a huge fan of both The House of the Devil and The Innkeepers, so I’m happy Ti West is continuing to pump out quality horror. I can’t wait for MaXXXine now.
It is that day.

Who will you be dining with?


I watched the original My Bloody Valentine yesterday and I'm sorry, but I just can't find myself to enjoy it. Every death being off-screen is so frustrating!