Horror films

Horror In The High Desert was very good. It helped that the cast was convincing, they didn't appear like they were actors, as with most found footage. The last 10 minutes was so tense. Loved it.

Glad you liked it! I have to say after just finishing the second one I still prefer the first but I seem to be in the minority. It still had it's creepy ass moments for sure but it was way less focused.
For years I've avoided it because it seemed cheesy, but I finally watched Dead Silence this weekend. I was correct with my presumption, it was cheesy, badly acted and everything I hate about the 00s in horror.
Dead Silence is creepy though? Raven's Fair - what an amazingly eerie name for a cursed town. Raaaaaven's Faaaaaair.

I so didn't see that twist either. Love it in all its cliche-sodden glory.