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I loved Possessor. I didn't enjoy Infinity Pool as much.
More of a thriller....if that but I watched Unseen. It started off promising but got way to silly. The tone was all over the place.
This weekend’s viewing was Images - when I saw the director was Robert Altman I was not expecting “classic British horror” to be the category but it really delivered.

Susannah York was exceptional - Best Actress at Cannes for a horror movie? Deserved.

And the last 10 minutes? Perfection!
Watched The Invitation (2015) last night and all the praise for it is perplexing. Everything about it was off including the acting. Halfway through the film I was still wondering what the fuck I was watching. Then when shit finally hit the fan it was everything you already knew was going to happen? I guess the final scene got a gasp out of me at least.
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The level of unhinged in this scene. I wanna know what Mia was thinking about when she acted this.

What is this movie???? I immediately recognized her as Pearl so apparently this is a horror icon I don't know about.

"The Lodge" on """Max""" was ridiculous. Maddening to watch with my mom who I love dearly but says things like "that movie really made me think!" when it's very clear the scriptwriters did none of that. It could've ended 30 minutes earlier and I still would be as in the dark
Cobweb was pretty good. It suffered from the scares/tension peaking too early, but the storyline had more meat to it than similar movies. Lizzy Caplan was great, in fact all of the cast was fantastic. The child not being annoying was a welcome change.