Horror films

Not for me, sorry!

Some people hate fun.

Totally Killer isn't totally killer, it's quite killer, a bit pedestrian to look at, but the cast is great, and the stabbings are bloody. I like my timey wimey stuff to not take it's self to seriously.

Critics were way too hard on Exorcist. It was enjoyable despite terrible dialogue. Not excellent, but enjoyable.
Pet Cemetery: Bloodlines was surprisingly a great improvement after that dire remake. Discount Florence Pugh gave Samara Weaving a run for her money in the screaming department.
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Just watched the original Exorcist and...I don't think it holds up? The scoring is excellent, Ellen eats as per (the looks alone...) and Karras is very compelling but...it's not particularly scary. I can see why it was so shocking and sensational at the time, but between the ruthless parodying of it and its position in the zeitgeist, the darkest moments read more comedic than anything. Like...she was really reading them!!
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When Evil Lurks was really good, its reminded me of The Wailing, like its little sibling or something. I will say, dont watch the trailer if you havent, they give away too much of the atmosphere and scenes. There was one moment where I literally gasped and put my hand over my mouth though.
Watching underrated fav The Initiation tonight and my god I am always taken out by the super random SA monologue. Not only is it completely out of place in a slasher film but the literal next line after she finishes is "I gotta take a leak".

Hunter Tylo is also mothering throughout.